Terrorist Attack Launched in New York City

Once again, New York City is the site of a ghastly terrorist attack, with numerous people being shot and explosive devices discovered.

Multiple people were shot at on Tuesday at a subway station in Brooklyn, New York, AP reported. Several undetonated devices were also found at the location, according to fire officials.

“Fire personnel responding to reports of smoke at the 36th Street station in the Sunset Park neighborhood found multiple people shot and undetonated devices,” AP quoted a New York City Fire Department spokesperson as saying.

The New York authorities are yet to confirm if this was a terror attack. The fire department said 13 people were injured, several by gunfire. 

A photo from the scene showed people tending to passengers covered in blood lying on the floor of the station. Eyewitnesses said some of the wounded jumped on another train to flee to the next station.

As per preliminary information, police said the suspect was dressed in construction attire. Three senior law enforcement officials said the man was wearing a gas mask and an orange construction vest, NBC reported.

The NYPD asked citizens to avoid the area and closed all schools near the site.

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  1. Terrorist attack? Really? Isn’t that kind of an exaggeration? Nothing that I have read about this incident suggests that terrorists were involved. At least not the type that typically comes to mind.
    I suppose you can be correct if you consider the everyday thugs and gang bangers terrorists.
    Let’s wait until more information comes in before blowing this out of proportion.

    1. You need to open your eyes and ditch your woke mentality! This was not a random or an act. This sick terrorist was completely prepared with ammo, personal protection and a plan. Just like the idiot in Wisconsin who deliberately ran over and killed innocent parade goers.

  2. If the Mayor of one of the largest cities in the United States would grow some balls and quit following the worthless so called President maybe this crap and stop

  3. Article says, “The New York authorities are yet to confirm if this was a terror attack.” Article title says, “Terrorist Attack Launched in New York City”. How can the article say this if the authorities have not confirmed this!!!!

  4. If it is. We have our very compromised national security and easy access to open borders to thank.

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