Tensions continue to heat up according to report after report. According to Politico, Vice President Kamala Harris has refused to be in a video with President Biden that focuses on student loan forgiveness.

“The vice president has been increasingly wary of becoming part of the public face of the administration’s response,” Playbook said.

In early April, Harris and Biden’s teams started collaborating on a video, but eventually, the former decided to drop out. As a result, Biden released his own video announcing the extension of the student loan repayment pause, and Harris put out a statement of her own.

“I know folks were hit hard by this pandemic, and though we’ve come a long way in the last year we’re still recovering from the economic crisis it caused. This continued pause will help Americans breathe a little easier,” Biden said at the time.

Now, critics are slamming Harris for disagreeing with the President. “Is there a Democrat in the country who will appear with Joe Biden?” Scott Jennings, a conservative commentator, responded to the report via Twitter.

“Student debt cancellation isn’t really a progressive policy at all if working class Americans are expected to fund it. It’s another massive upward wealth transfer. The only way it would be truly fair is if universities themselves had to fund it, alongside reforms to the system,” Christina Pushaw, who is the press secretary for Governor Ron DeSantis, added.

Chuck Ross quipped, “Team player. Curious what she thinks her next step in politics is. Don’t think POTUS is in her future. Maybe San Fran mayor.”

As OK! previously reported, Harris and Biden have not been agreeing on issues behind the scenes.

“The division between Team Biden and Team Harris could not be bigger; the situation is dire,” a source exclusively told OK!.

When some FOX news commentator made fun of Biden not being all mentally there, Harris didn’t even stick up for the politician. The Vice President is supposed to support the commander-in-chief, not behave in a manner that opens him up to FOX News and its hosts using their power and influence to ridicule him, especially during a time of a world war,” a source added.