Jen Psaki on Threats Against Her and Her Family

I’ve had threats, I have had nasty letters, texts to me with my personal address, the names of my children,” Psaki told a group of reporters Thursday at a breakfast meeting sponsored by The Christian Science Monitor.

“It crosses lines, and you know, that’s when it becomes a little scary,” she said.

Public officials across the country have reported an increasing number of threats over the past couple of years, with targets ranging from members of Congress and governors to even school board members and health care workers. Some experts worry the threats could even jeopardize the running of this year’s midterm elections.

Psaki, whose last day on the job is Friday, said there have been times when she has alerted the Secret Service about the threats. Psaki has two children, ages 4 and 6, and their safety “is a real concern for me,” she said.

Psaki said some of those who sent messages threatened show up at her house. No one has, she said, but she said her home address has been circulated among the Arlington Republican Party in Virginia.

The Arlington GOP responded in a statement to USA TODAY that it “has not publicly disseminated any Biden administration official’s home address, unlike the hordes of progressive activists online who have disseminated the addresses of justices of the Supreme Court. Nor are we disseminating Ms. Psaki’s home address among our membership.”

As the most prominent face of President Joe Biden’s administration, Psaki said she realizes that she is a public figure. “People can dislike me – that’s OK,” she said.

But threats against public figures are common, “and that is what should be alarming to people,” she said.

“It is a sign of the venom that we see out there in society,” Psaki said.

Psaki has not announced what she will do after she leaves the White House, but she has reportedly been in talks to join MSNBC.

She will be replaced as press secretary by Karine Jean-Pierre, currently the White House’s principal deputy press secretary. Jean-Pierre will become the first Black woman and also first openly LGBTQ person to hold the high-profile position.

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Departing White House press secretary Jen Psaki details threats against her and her family

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    1. We Don’t care about your family too, even your mother or your kids. You’re delusional.

  1. How on earth do you think that the people in churches feel; Supreme Court Justices; people in Seattle & other cities fraught with crime………good grief woman……of course you will be doxed.

  2. Here’s how to fix all of that. TELL THE TRUTH. People accept the truth, but they hate to be lied to to their face. Makes them mad.

  3. How does it feel peppermint Patty? When the shoe is on the other foot it doesn’t feel so good! You’re lucky we republicans don’t go to peoples private homes and protest, that’s all on you guys! If you’d for once tell the truth maybe people would go a little easier but you continue to lie! Bet your mother is real proud of you, NOT! It’s your party that are the haters, rioters, etc! Get out!

  4. Jean-Pierre will become the first Black woman and also first openly LGBTQ person to hold the high-profile position.
    The whole country is going to hell !!!!

  5. None of you know what you are talking about!!!! Threats are Never okay!!!!This has become a violent problem in our country!!!

  6. The truth is that generally the democrat/liberals count on the republican/conservatives behaving with decorum. The slightest deviation however, ala January 6, proves that the hammer comes down on them if they step slightly out of line. So with no weapons found, no arson, no irreparable damage, they were hunted down all over the USA by FBI agents, some held for weeks in jails without bail for misdemeanors, a young engineer who walked in, looked around, and left finally committed suicide when he had been held and apparently charged with a felony and the prosecutor had a hold on sentencing while he was trying to get him sentenced to (8) eight years in prison!! What January 6 absolutely proved is that there is a Deep State and they act with impunity and they pay no price even when they overtly and with impunity break the law!!!

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