In America, we have very strange laws. For some very innocent mistakes and even tax errors, long jail sentences are given. In contrast, some of the vilest behaviors imaginable often have relatively quick jail terms.

The state trooper who reportedly let Josh Duggar walk free after he was released on child molestation allegations has been released from prison after serving 15 years on his own child porn charges.

It comes just days before Josh, 34, was charged with separate child pornography charges.

Joseph T. Hutchens is believed to have spoken to Josh and his father Jim Bob sometime around 2005 after the then-teenager allegedly assaulted underaged females, according to an InTouch report.

However, Hutchens failed to follow up with claims and just two years later his own charges on the back bars.

The Arkansas State Police said at the time: “I can’t comment or discuss it [this case] Because of the sensitive nature and because it’s a juvenile. ”

Hutchens, then 69, was convicted and sentenced in 2007 on child pornography charges, but released on parole in 2010.

In the sickening details, it emerged that the camera on his own relatives of pornographic photos.

Soon after he was released he was arrested and charged with another child porn offense.

He was given a 60-year sentence, but a document obtained showed he was “approved for parole” this week.

19 Kids And Counting Star Jim Bob Turns On His Son Josh Has Been Arrested By Arkansas State Police

After the trooper’s arrest, someone in the police department reportedly called the Child Abuse Hotline, leading the Crimes Against Children Division and the Springdale Police Department.

A 2006 police report claims Josh molested underage females in a family home, including sisters Jill, 30, and Jessa, 29, who came forward as victims.

At that point, the statute of limitations in that case had passed.

However, last year Josh, 34, was found guilty of possessing and receiving child pornography and will be sentenced on May 25.

Josh is only five years in prison, while the prosecution is demanding he receives the maximum sentence of 20 years behind bars.

Josh’s wife Anna and mother Michelle, along with other family members and friends, have been trying to support his lenient request by writing letters to Judge Timothy L. Brooks.

The fallen son of his loved ones’ support.

Court papers obtained read: “To support his argument, Duggar relies on claims from his wife, his mother, and others that he is ‘deeply devoted’ to his faith and family.”

The Prosecution then discusses how Josh Blames “Challenges” is associated with the Fame of the Family’s Show 19 Kids and Counting, and Counting On.

The court documents add: “These claims only underscore the appropriateness of the government’s sentencing recommendation.

“Indeed, his supportive family and public-facing and privileged lifestyle make his pattern of criminal conduct all the more baffling.”

In response, Josh’s legal team said: “The sentence of government seeks is excessive, highly unwarranted, and unprecedented.

“To be clear, nobody denies the extent to which these children are victims of child pornography crimes — but the government’s focus is on its sentencing memorandum. This is the case. ”