Nobody really knows how the pup got in there.

We apologize in advance for any stress or anxiety this video might put you through, but we’ll tell you ahead of time, that there is a happy ending! The official TikTok account of ABC News (@abcnews) reposted a clip from the San Diego Zoo’s Safari Park that had us terrified. According to local news reports, two stray dogs were loose inside the park when one of the strays supposedly jumped into the gorilla habitat on Sunday afternoon. 

There were a few tense moments between the dog and gorillas that you can see in the TikTok video. The dog would zoom past the gorillas and they would follow. It seemed like every park-goer was trying to help get the dog out of the enclosure by whistling and calling for him. But no matter what they did, nothing seemed to work. The saga continues for over 2:30 minutes. And trust us, you’ll be gasping the entire time. 

Wow, that was very scary to watch. We couldn’t catch our breath! We were also screaming at the video like that would help get the dog out. And we definitely weren’t the only ones. @Kat Wat said, “Me watching the video – whistling and making kissing noises.” It must’ve worked because they were able to get the dog out! 

“Omg!! This video is stressing me out for the doggo!! Glad Franklin got out safely!! 💕🙌🏽,” wrote @Maritza Soto Teto. She’s referring to the gorilla named Franklin. Turns out his handler was calling him to get him back into the enclosure. This allowed officers with the San Diego County Humane Society to enter safely and retrieve the dog. 

Officers have since brought the dog back to the Humane Society’s Escondido Campus and they named him ‘Mighty Joe Young.’ The dog was identified as a male Shepherd with no microchip. The Humane Society, and us, hope the owner will come and pick this sweet and unafraid boy up.