6 in 10 Americans say Trump should be charged for Jan. 6 riot

With the first full week of hearings for the House select committee’s investigation into the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol now complete, nearly 6 in 10 Americans believe former President Donald Trump should be charged with a crime for his role in the incident, a new ABC News/Ipsos poll finds.

Six in 10 Americans also believe the committee is conducting a fair and impartial investigation, according to the poll.

In the poll, which was conducted by Ipsos in partnership with ABC News using Ipsos’ KnowledgePanel, 58% of Americans think Trump should be charged with a crime for his role in the riot. That’s up slightly from late April, before the hearings began, when an ABC News/Washington Post poll found that 52% of Americans thought the former president should be charged.

An ABC News/Washington Post poll that asked a similar question days after the attack in January 2021 found that 54% of Americans thought Trump should be charged with the crime of inciting a riot.

Attitudes on whether Americans think Trump is responsible for the attack on the U.S. Capitol remain relatively stable. In the new ABC News/Ipsos poll, 58% of Americans think Trump bears a “great deal” or a “good amount” of responsibility for the attack on the Capitol. This is unchanged from an ABC News/Ipsos poll in December 2021 and similar to the findings of an ABC News/Washington Post poll conducted just after the attack in January 2021.

The poll divides along party lines, with 91% of Democrats thinking Trump should be charged with a crime compared to 19% of Republicans. On whether Trump bears a “great deal” or a “good amount” of responsibility for the attack, 91% of Democrats and 21% of Republicans say he does.

Among self-described independents, 62% think Trump should be charged and 61% think he bears a “great deal” or a “good amount” of responsibility.

The ABC News/Ipsos poll was conducted after the committee held its third of seven public hearings scheduled for this month, which detail what the committee says was a “sophisticated, seven-part plan” by Trump and his supporters to overturn his 2020 election loss to President Joe Biden.

On Friday, Trump lambasted the hearing, calling the panel “con artists,” while continuing to air false claims about the 2020 election.

“There’s no clearer example of the menacing spirit that has devoured the American left than the disgraceful performance being staged by the unselect committee,” Trump said at a conference hosted by the Faith and Freedom Coalition in Nashville, Tennessee.

Overall, 60% of Americans think the committee is conducting a fair and impartial investigation while 38% say it is not, the new ABC News/Ipsos poll found. That was evenly divided at 40% in the April ABC News/Washington Post poll, which also found that 20% of Americans had no opinion on the matter just two months ago.

When it comes to the fairness of the committee, Americans are again divided along party lines in the latest poll, with 85% of Democrats finding the investigation fair and impartial, compared to 31% of Republicans. Independents’ views fall in-between at 63%.

Democrats are more likely to be following the hearings. Overall, 34% of Americans are following the hearings very or somewhat closely, with 43% of Democrats and 22% of Republicans saying so. In a reminder of where political attention is, just under one in 10 (9%) Americans say they are following the hearings very closely.

On whether the investigation will have an impact at the polls, just over half (51%) of Americans say that what they’ve read, seen or heard about the hearings has made no difference in who they plan to support in this November’s election. Meanwhile, 29% say they are more likely to support Democratic candidates and 19% say they are more likely to support Republican candidates.

The bipartisan committee, led by chairman Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., and vice-chair Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., is in the midst of summing up its 11-month-long investigation into the attack. So far the hearings have largely focused on how Trump pushed the “big lie” of a stolen 2020 race and the pressure campaign on then-Vice President Mike Pence.

The panel has also shared never-before-seen footage from the riot and interviews with Trump administration and White House officials.

This ABC News/Ipsos poll was conducted using Ipsos Public Affairs‘ KnowledgePanel® June 17-18, 2022, in English and Spanish, among a random national sample of 545 adults. Results have a margin of sampling error of 4.5 points, including the design effect. Partisan divisions are 28-26-40 percent, Democrats-Republicans-independents. See the poll’s topline results and details on the methodology here.

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  1. Yeah, well that’s a problem right there who is conducting a poll. You have a leftist company conducting it you are going to get exactly one sided. Poll all you want hooligans this country knows the truth including those that gave away a vote to grandpa that falls on his bike as much as his face in politics.

  2. Just wonder HOW he is still filling Stadiums when he holds a Rally, doesn’t seem to match this article…..My thinking is that he would maybe have 100 Rally goers like biden “IF” people wanted to see him locked-up…. People know/understand what we had in Trump = NORMAL gas prices, NORMAL food prices etc., our economy would be ROLLING, NOT falling apart……

  3. Nothing says fair like a show trial where the committee gets to pick the questions asked and the accused has no counsel. What did Pelosi know and when did she know it. Where is the video coverage of the entire thing? How did the “organized” insurrection plan to take over the government without weapons? When will Schumer be tried for trying to kill Kavanaugh if one can incite violence through a speech. When he threatened Supreme Court Justices, telling them that they had unleashed the whirlwind. He said nothing about protesting peacefully and patriotically as Trump did.

  4. And how people were polled out of 348 million Americans in the United States? It’s very very unlikely that all of 348 million Americans were polled. So this poll is very in accurate, in their definition of 6 out 10 American say that Trump should be charged. Most of these polls were conducted in Democrat States & cites, there for it is a very biased poll. And filled with inaccurate % and ratios. Most of the polls conducted were with 10k people or less which not an accurate poll that reflect 348 million people of the whole country. Just another way the media is trying to spread false narrative

  5. I think you are listening to Biden to much. Where did you take that Poll? You mush have taken it in Schiff,s office. The whole Jan 6th is a farce, One sided, hearsay evidence , Schiff,s Lies , This nothing but a witch hunt, and they are using a AK-47.

  6. I took a poll of my friends, family, and neighbors, totaling just over a hundred people. Many of them are Independent, with some Republicans and some Democrats. The final result was three people out of every twenty-five felt Mr. Trump should be charged, and the same ratio felt the investigation should continue. Over two thirds of those polled felt that the investigation is based on falsehoods, a serious waste of taxpayer money, and should be ended immediately.

  7. Are they going to charge Pelosi also? Are Biden and Harris going to be charged for all the deaths during the riots? Harris made the statement that the riots needed to continue. They need to clean out there own closets before they worry about cleaning out other peoples.This is the most ridiculous administration ever. Let’s investigate this panel and start with Cheny!

    1. The people died because Pelosi refused President Trump’s request for National Guard presence and the Capital police did not know how to police!

  8. The only thing President Trump should be charged with is MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. The rest is bull pushed by those who can’t stand a great America. Wake up America.

  9. What about the riots caused by BLM and antifa? Why not charge them. What about all the Demonrats calling for violence? Polls are worthless when they are controlled and one sided. As Stalin said it not the votes that count but who counts the votes.

  10. Well now your lying so now who should we belief.
    YOUR saying 6 out of every 10 AMERICANS are democrats. But I bet 6 out of every 10 believe Hilary Clinton shouldn’t be charged for Russiagate investigation that turned out to be bogus. and a democratic attempt to undermined the election of 2020. If 6 out of every 10 american was a democratic than they would not not had lost the election in 2020.
    I am neither a republican or democrat, as seem like I sound. But I think the truth has be whitewash away and needs to seen. No matter what direction it goes. Let’s just charge everyone one INVOVLED regardless who they are and have an honest trial and see who is guilty and who is less guilty. I think everyone is guilty.

  11. With the lies the SOCIALISTIC,COMMUNISTIC, LIBTURD, DEMONRAT PARTY MEMBERS & their STATE MEDIA do I wouldn’t belive them if the stated that the Sun rises in the East & sets in the West without getting up to see for myself

  12. There are 2 Republicans on this committee and one of them is Liz Cheney who has made it clear she does not like Trump so there is no defense. So it is not fair at all. Someone that does not know and watches this hearing is not going to realize how unfair it is…

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