A new bride said that she was conned by her ‘ husband ‘ – as ten months into their marriage, she discovered he was actually a woman.

The victim, who is referred to as NA in legal documents, entered into a relationship with a man she met through online dating, who is identified by the initials AA.

AA claimed to be a man who was a trained surgeon and in the coal business, and the pair got married in a secret ceremony and NA was moved away from her family.

Over the course of their relationship, NA claims that she and her family were conned out of £16,537 and now AA has appeared at the Jambi District Court in Indonesia on Tuesday, June 14.

NA has shared her story on social media after the court case made national news in her home country of Indonesia.

She said that AA had said they had recently converted to Island and was looking for a wife, and after three months the pair were wed in a nikah siri arrangement.

The phrase translates to ‘secret wedding’, and is used in the country for unregistered marriages – and while it’s not recognized by law it is by religion.

NA said this was because AA couldn’t produce the civil documents required for a legal wedding, and the pair lived together in NA’s parents’ house.

But while there, NA’s parents became suspicious of AA – as they kept asking for money despite their impressive sounding career.


To get out of the spotlight, AA then moved out with NA to live in South Sumatra, where the victim was then confined to the house for several months, as local publication Coconut reports.

NA said that AA controlled the pair’s finances, and in April the victim’s mother contacted the police who tracked the pair down.

During a police interview, AA sensationally revealed that she was a woman whose real name began with the initials EY.

After sharing her story online, AA was asked about her sex life and she said that her partner would always turn off the lights and insisted on blindfolding the woman before sex.

NA’s parents reported EY to the police for educational record fraud, and claim they were conned out of IDR 300 million (around £16,537).

The trial continues.