While George W. Bush had a fair share of controversies over his political career, adultery has never been on that list.

People find themselves amid rumors from time to time. But for celebrities, it has become a part of their everyday life. Sometimes these rumors can get out of hand, so much so that they have to address such things in public. Lindsey Vonn did just that on her YouTube channel three years ago.

And in doing so, the skier revealed the personality of a former US president. The former president she was talking about on her channel was George W. Bush.

Lindsey Vonn dismisses rumors about dating former US president George Bush

In 2019, Vonn released a video on her YouTube channel. The video was titled “5 Guys I’ve NEVER Dated.” The alpine skier uploaded the video to address the rumors of her dating five guys that had been making the rounds in the various tabloids back then.

The first four guys on the list were friends, celebrities, and athletes, including JJ Watt, Lewis Hamilton, Justin Bieber, and Tim Tebow. Interestingly, there was also a surprise addition to the list, and it was former US president George Bush.

Throughout the video, Vonn explained where they met and why the media claimed that the two were dating. The media covers similar topics from time to time, but sometimes these issues are blown out of proportion. At times, it reaches such extremes that celebrities have no option but to address them publicly.

Recollecting the event where she met Bush, Vonn said“I met George Bush president, former President of the United States at the Presidents Cup. And no, I never dated President Bush, clearly. But he was a really nice gentleman.”

The three-time Olympic medalist was quick to dismiss these claims as rumors as she did for all the other guys that preceded Bush in the video. However, in the video, she also spoke about the former president’s personality.

“He was very nice, he really liked talking about golf. We took a picture together, that’s it. Just a nice friendly photo with President Bush,” Vonn added.

Vonn and Bush share the same fondness for golf

In addressing these rumors, the athlete also revealed the fondness that Bush shared for golf. The former US president was always open about his love for the sport. Moreover, people have spotted him enjoying the sport on various golf courses on numerous occasions.

And the four-time Olympian has always expressed her passion for golf. Vonn’s started expressing her fondness for the sport since she started dating Tiger Woods. Therefore, their love for golf is one thing that Vonn and Bush share in common. It is something that both of them are very passionate about.