This is going to be a confusing one, since everyone knows Minions is a children’s movie.

OK, there’s a whole lot to unpack here, and it’s very, very strange, but we’ll try to get through it together.

Basically, it seems as if – for whatever reason – loads of people have decided to turn up to watch Minions: The Rise of Gru wearing suits and wreck the whole show by disrupting the film, even chucking stuff at the staff, in some cases.

These people – who are calling themselves ‘Gentleminions’ – have reportedly vandalised cinemas and left children in tears because of their shenanigans.

So poor was the behaviour at the Mallard Cinema in Guernsey that they stopped showing the movie altogether, cancelling screenings.

The only cinema on the Channel Island has now resumed showings of the film, the second instalment in the utterly wretched yet inexplicably popular Minions franchise, but has announced conditions for anyone wanting to see the movie.

On Facebook, the cinema informed anyone wishing to see the film must book in person upon arrival, must not wear a suit, and that large groups of people without adults will not be admitted into the cinema.

They also added that anyone disrupting any of the showings will be booted from the premises immediately.

The post explained: “Following yesterday’s post, we are tentatively putting Minions back on sale, for families and anyone looking to genuinely enjoy the film. 

“We deeply regret how difficult it may currently be for families and young children to plan to come and book for this film.”

The post added: “As funny as we found it at first, we will not admit anyone wearing the ‘suit’ in line with the TikTok trend.”

Yesterday, Mallard Cinema manager Daniel Phillips-Smith told BBC News: “It’s been absolutely heartbreaking.

“We’ve had families who won’t even go back into the screen when we’ve tried to sort it out, families leaving before the film has even started, and of course the children have been in tears.”

LADbible has approached the Mallard Cinema for an updated statement.

However, the problem is not just limited to Guernsey.

Countless videos have appeared on TikTok and Twitter showing large groups of mostly teenagers turning up to cinemas wearing suits and acting strangely.

A Vue Cinema in Worcester claims to have issued £1,300 in refunds because of ‘kids shouting and mimicking the Minions while the film was playing’, according to the manager.

“It was a group of about eight kids. Now, when we see any kids coming in to see the film dressed up we give them a warning.

“We tell them that if there is one complaint, whatever that may be, they will be kicked out of the cinema.”

In case you’re a fan of annoying little creatures ruining your afternoon – on-screen or off – Minions: The Rise of Gru is out in cinemas now.