Greg Abbott Accused of Blocking Uvalde Investigation

For Americans and Texans, we deserve to know the truth about what happened that day.

Texas state Sen. Roland Gutierrez said that Gov. Greg Abbott has been putting hurdles up to the Uvalde investigation and did not go to a single victim’s funeral.

Sen. Gutierrez said on CNN’s New Day:

The department of public safety director is a direct report to Greg Abbott. Greg Abbott has the power — by the way, I’m sure Greg Abbott saw those videos a long time before we all did, but he has the direct power to go and ask for accountability, the direct power to ask what happened here, why didn’t you tell people to go in? Why didn’t your supervisors tell people to go in? He has the direct power to get any kind of report that he wants. He is the governor of the state of Texas. 

And he has refused to step in since day three he hasn’t been back to Uvalde and he’s refused to ask for any kind of accountability here and he’s done nothing but put obstacles in the way of this district attorney and other people that he has put in place that has just devastated this community. 

We have to get to the bottom of this, but it begins at the top in Texas. We are 26 days away from school starting and we have yet to have this governor call a special session to raise the age limit from 18 to 21 on access to AR-15s. 

CNN’s Kaitlin Collins asked, “Senator, did you just say that the governor of Texas has not been to the scene of the shooting since the third day after it happened?”

 Gutierrez answered, “That’s correct. Did he not go to any single funeral, he never has come back since his second news conference which would have been on Friday after that Tuesday.”

Greg Abbott Is Trying To Make The Murder Of 19 Children Go Away

Gov. Abbott clearly wants the Uvalde massacre to go disappear. It is clear that he intentionally hadn’t gone back to Uvalde and didn’t attend any of the funerals because he didn’t want to call attention back to the fact that the gun policies that he championed in Texas got 19 children and two teachers killed, and that the law enforcement that he supervises provided a disastrous response when children’s lives were in danger.

Gov. Abbott, much like other Republicans in Texas, is trying to sweep Uvalde under the rug. His decision not to return or attend funerals sends a message to Uvalde that they don’t matter.

The governor has no interest in truth, and he wants to make it all go away before he launches a potential presidential campaign in 2024.

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  1. BS…This is the work of someone who wants Beto in Austin…Abbott has BLASTED the handling of the entire thing! #ABBOTTFORGOVERNOR

  2. So the murder of 19 kids mean nothing to you huh? You know darn well that if Abbott had been back to Uvalde, it would’ve been televised. That non caring jerk hadn’t done anything except Cynthia to get payoffs from the NRA…

  3. Facts are facts. These are facts. Governor Abbott’s complete non-action is a FACT, not an “alternate fact” or false news. Has he fired anyone? Demanded any urgency in identifying and then correcting the absolutely abysmal actions at the scene? Answer – NO! That is a fact. It is certainly not the leadership one expects from a governor.

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