An elderly man was mauled to death by several stray pit bulls while walking to a store on Monday. 

Surveillance video shows Freddy Garcia, 71, walking down Mark Terrace Lane in Fresno, Texas when the Fort Bend County Sheriff said seven dogs mauled him. 

He was airlifted to the hospital where he later died from his injuries. 

“In respects to him, not him or anybody deserves a death like this,” said Jorge Garcia, victim’s brother. 

Sheriff’s deputies and Animal Service caught the remaining dogs, while Jorge Garcia watched from across the street. 

“I feel more at ease that at least these animals are not going to hurt no one else and I hope this doesn’t happen anywhere else,” he said. 

The dogs were found in Joey Cartwright’s backyard. 

Reporter: “Are these your dogs?”

Joey Cartwright, Dogs On Property: “No, they’re not my dogs.”

Rilwan Balogun: “Why were they in your backyard?”

Joey Cartwright, Dogs on property: “Because they’re stray dogs, there’s a bunch of them around here.”

Cartwright said he’s had issues with stray dogs in his yard and roaming the neighborhood for months. It’s something Animal Services agrees is a problem. 

“If you’re walking the streets, carry a stick. Protect yourself,” said Kevin Agular, Fort Bend Co. Animal Service. “We all like dogs, we all love dogs but a lot of them can be very dangerous.”

The sheriff’s office said all of the dogs have been caught.