Yikes! Things keep looking worse and worse for Vice President Kamala Harris, as 13 high-profile aides have left her office, including her director of speechwriting, Meghan Groob, who left just last week.

“The revolving door has made headlines during Harris’s tenure, creating a narrative of instability in the vice president’s office,”The Hill said. “But some Democrats worry about larger implications, particularly if President Biden chooses not to run for reelection. Kosoglu’s exit earlier this month was particularly significant because she was one of the few aides who personally knew Harris’s preferences, style and policy expertise.”

As OK! previously reported, things between Biden and Harris have escalated ever since the two entered the White House in 2021.

“The division between Team Biden and Team Harris could not be bigger; the situation is dire,” a source exclusively told OK!.

“Kamala Harris is manipulative. She desperately wants to take the Oval in 2024. If anyone thinks Kamala sticking to the side of Obama like super glue wasn’t a well-heeled plan, they’ve never worked in politics, clearly!” the insider dished.

Now, a new insider exclusively tells OK!, “You have wonder if Kamala is a boss who works people hard or a boss from hell!

According to The Hill, Democrats are “voicing private concerns say they are worried diehard Harris loyalists — the kind of advisers and strategists who stick to their principal through the ups and downs — are virtually nonexistent.”

“It’s always been a problem,” says one former Harris aide. “You have to have your people around you.”

According to an insider, Harris may even change her mind and run for president in the 2024 election — something that Dr. Jill Biden is less than pleased about.

“Jill is seething,” a political insider exclusively told OK!. “Earlier this week, she fumed publicly about Joe’s unpopularity. Privately, she is blaming the Vice President for all the mess. She thinks Kamala has been disloyal and only took the vice presidency to get a leg up on her political ambitions. The First Lady thinks Kamala has used Joe.”