The ladies at The View are slated to announce Alyssa Farah Griffin as their new co-host on Thursday; however, Radar is told she wasn’t their first choice for the position.

Well-placed sources tell that Liz Cheney was approached a few months ago by talk show executives when it became clear that there was no perfect candidate to fill the seat.

But Cheney wasn’t interested in the gig.

The View wanted the rebel Republican so badly that executives were willing to wait and delay any decision until after Cheney’s primary election in the hopes that she would change her mind if she lost, our insiders say.

Despite their pleas, we’re told Cheney had “no interest” in moving to New York City and joining Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sara Haines, Sunny Hostin, and rotating co-host Ana Navarro this fall — win or lose.

Instead, they will get Donald Trump’s former communications director in the co-host seat for season 26. Source revealed to OK! that Griffin landed the job by “sucking up” to Goldberg.

“Alyssa Farrah Griffin was super smart in sucking up to Whoopi backstage from day one,” the insider dished.

“They say it’s a panel show, but everyone knows Whoopi is the boss,” they added. “Alyssa was the only guest host to correctly read the room. She knew that getting the best job on TV went through Whoopi Goldberg.”

She didn’t just win over Goldberg either. Trump’s political advisor-turned-media personality also got on Behar’s good side when cameras weren’t rolling.

“At the end of the day, you must never forget that Alyssa managed to work with Donald Trump,” added the insider. “Those lessons of flattering and stroking the boss’s [ego] come in very useful.”

Griffin is tapped to report for duty as the new permanent conservative co-host starting this September. She’ll be replacing The View‘s outspoken former co-host, Meghan McCain.

It’s an interesting move by executives considering viewers threatened to quit watching the show if Griffin was crowned co-host.