A lot of young comedians grew up looking at Bill Cosby as a role model, but this might have been crossing the line.

After announcing his engagement to his longtime girlfriend, Dane Cook’s Instagram account has become the subject of deep dives that appear to show multiple teenage girls attending his “game nights” during the past decade.

His guests at his parties have included Joey King and Bella Thorne while they were teenagers, but also older celebrities such as Seth Green and his wife Clare Grant.

On Wednesday comedian Cook, 50, announced his engagement to Kelsi Taylor, 23, whom he’s officially been in a relationship with for 5 years. The pair met at one of his game nights prior to their relationship, which led to speculation as to exactly when, and how old Taylor was, when they first met.

The topic of the couple’s engagement and relationship was widely discussed online, leading to some internet sleuths to look deeper into Cook’s social media accounts for the first mention of Taylor.

Writer Tracie Egan Morrissey was one of those to investigate, finding that Cook has a history of having teenage girls over for “game night” parties with friends.

Taylor was first tagged by Cook on October 8, 2016 when she was still 17 years old, though she would turn 18 later that month. Speaking in a 2019 Instagram Live, Cook confirmed he met Taylor for the first time at one of his game nights. They became ‘Instagram official’ as a couple in April 2017.

“She was 100% under age when they first began hanging out,” Morrissey wrote on her Instagram Stories investigation.

Around this time, Cook often hosted game nights with big groups and would tag almost everyone in the pictures. Previous game nights had featured a number of teenage girls in attendance.

In another post, a 16-year-old Joey King can be seen at one of the game nights in a picture posted on April 16, 2016. Reddit investigator @sendschickens also looked into Cook’s parties and found that Joey’s older sister Hunter King, who is five years her senior, also attended some of the game nights. They also pointed out that mutual friends and actors Kevin Miles, Amy Forsyth and Katherine McNamara also attended.

Coda actress Amy Forsyth also attended the game nights when she was 20 years old. She also featured in Cook’s Instagram posts regularly away from game night too.

Back on April 2, 2016, Bella Thorne, who was 18 years old at the time, attended with her then-boyfriend Gregg Sulkin, who was 23 years old at the time.

Isabelle Fuhrman, star of the horror movie Orphan and its upcoming sequel Orphan: First Kill, also attended a game night and a pool party when she was 19 in April 2016. Actor Noah Cintineo, 19 at the time, also attended.

Going back through the images of game nights, Morrissey found that actress Emily Alyn Lind attended when she was 14. In the group photo posted on January 7, 2017, she is stood with Cook.

Then 18-year-old actress Emily Robinson also attended in April 2017, while another actress, Saxon Paige Sharbino, is seen in group shots at 16 years old, and in individual snaps with Cook when she was 15 years old.

Morrissey ended her investigation by revealing that many of the women who previously attended Cook’s parties, including Allie Marie Evans, King, Forsyth, Sharbino and Lind, don’t follow him on Instagram. “And he doesn’t follow any of them,” Morrissey said.

Reddit’s @sendschickens point out that there were other notable people who attended Cook’s gatherings at this time. Frequent guests included Isaac Kappy (39 at the time) controversial photographer Tyler Shields (35) British actress Ana Mulvoy Ten (25), while Seth Green and his wife Clare Grant were also regulars. Others spotted there include Monib Abhat, Vinny Fasline, David Sullivan, Carol Shiu and Richard Pollman.