While many Americans are not a fan of Joe Rogan, the long time podcaster knows a thing or two about ratings.

Joe Rogan has been on top of the podcast world well before it was a trending medium. Spotify signed his podcast (The Joe Rogan Experience), which cost them a whopping $200 million. The longtime UFC commentator in a recent episode talked about Barack Obama’s podcast not doing well, even though the 44th President of the United States is a very likable figure.

The veteran UFC commentator, who has shown interest in getting Barack Obama on his podcast in the past, was talking about how conversations, especially in podcast forms, are unique.

The 55-year-old said, “I don’t know the next word out of my mouth, right now, you know? And that’s what’s exciting about it [podcasts]. It’s not planned out. And I think when people do see, very planned out statements and planned out interviews, they’re not [in it].”

The JRE host gave an example of the 44th US President. He said, “Like, Obama did a podcast and you know nobody wanted to listen, which is crazy. He’s one of the most popular presidents of all time. One of the most interesting people that’s ever lived. Nobody gives a f***. Why?”

Rogan answered, “Because what he’s talking about is like, listen, he’s free, okay?… He is no longer the President, he is the former two-term President. He’s insanely rich.”

The guest added, “If anybody can say what he thinks, it’s that guy.”

The UFC analyst continued, “Yes, but he can’t.”

According to reports, Spotify and the Obamas had a $25 million deal. However, the show’s reception was not similar to The Joe Rogan Experience.

Joe Rogan offered what would turn in people for an Obama podcast

The JRE host, though, saw how an Obama podcast would get people’s attention. He said, “I mean if Obama had a podcast and he smoked a joint, start talking s*** about things, it would be f***ing amazing

However, he added why it was not realistic, “But would that interrupt his ability to make, you know, $400,000 to a speech for bankers? Probably would. Yeah, so and it also f*** with his chance being a leader in the party and you know, people who face all kinds of criticism, you know, Fox News will run some horrible story about it.”

The 2-decade UFC commentator feels his other ventures give him a pass

After offering Obama not openly talking about all the things he can on his shows because of being the former US President. The JRE host said, “I’m a cage fighting commentator, who is also a standup comedian. There’s a lot of built-in escape valves.”

Rogan has been part of a few controversies in the early part of 2022, but the longtime podcast host has only become stronger through it.