Chris Cuomo’s new podcast is plunging in rankings only three weeks after it made its debut.

The podcast, called The Chris Cuomo Project, first launched on July 21 to modest but steady reviews.

As of Thursday, Cuomo’s podcast was ranked 72nd, according to Apple iTunes’ ranking of top podcast shows – a devastating drop to the 13th position The Chris Cuomo Project charted on Wednesday.

Additionally, Cuomo’s 72nd ranking one day later is a 69-rank drop from when his podcast charted at 3rd place just two weeks ago – although Thursday’s slot is better than Cuomo’s all-time low ranking of 117th.

According to The Post, Cuomo’s podcast is most likely dropping in the charts due to the fact the novelty is wearing off.

When it first debuted in July, Cuomo had actor Sean Penn on as a guest to discuss his upcoming documentary on the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian war.

Since Penn, Cuomo has had two more guests appear on the podcast: Democratic Senator Joe Manchin and former New York Mayoral candidate Andrew Yang.

While hundreds of listeners tuned in to Cuomo’s discussions with Penn and Manchin, the disgraced ex-CNN host reportedly lost a number of listeners on August 4 when Yang appeared to discuss the media, his new Forward Party, and the 2024 presidential election.

“I was genuinely interested in Chris Cuomo’s new podcast,” one person tweeted regarding Cuomo’s podcast and his guest. “Went to Spotify to give it a listen. His guest? Andrew Yang.”

“I didn’t listen even for 1 second,” the person added. “If he’s going to have people like that as guests, it is a hard pass for me.”

As previously reported, Cuomo’s plummeting podcast ranking comes just days after the disgraced former CNN anchor revealed his upcoming return to cable news in the fall on NewsNation.

This new gig is set to be Cuomo’s comeback to cable news after he was fired from CNN in December. He was canned from the network after it was revealed he reached out to his well-connected contacts in an effort to cover up his brother, disgraced former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s sexual misconduct allegations.

Cuomo announced his upcoming new gig at NewsNation in July when he appeared on Dan Abrams’ program, Dan Abrams Live. Cuomo’s comeback interview with Abrams tanked in the ratings with an abysmal 187,000 people tuning in to watch.

Although the details of Cuomo’s upcoming show on NewsNation have not yet been revealed, the former CNN-turned-NewsNation anchor is set to take a $5 million pay cut for the new gig.