While we might not always agree with Prince Harry, the English media is notorious for unscrupulous behavior.

In December 2021, Sienna Miller settled with News Group Newspapers in her long-running pursuit of justice. News Group – owned by Rupert Murdoch and part of the Murdoch media empire – had spied on Sienna, hacked her phone, stolen her medical information, published her private information and done dozens of other crazy sh-t.

Sienna agreed to the settlement because she was ready to move on and because she knew it would cost her more money and time to go to trial. At the time, Sienna basically said that she hoped other people with deeper pockets would continue this fight and fundamentally change the way the British tabloid media operates.

Enter Prince Harry and his litigious streak. Harry has the time, money and inclination to take down some very powerful people in the British media.

While I have no doubt that Harry wants to sue the bejesus out of Rupert Murdoch and his media empire, right now Harry is focused on Viscount Rothermere, owner of Associated Newspaper (i.e. the Mail).

This is unlike Harry’s very specific lawsuit against the Mail for their reporting around his security/royal protection issue. This is about the Mail’s years-long (decades-long) abuse and criminal behavior.

Remember when a private investigator went on the record about how he was hired by a British tabloid to dig into then-Meghan Markle’s past, her finances, her romantic life and more? That dude got her Social Security number and he provided all of it to the Sun.

I have no doubt that the Mail gets up to the same sh-t that Murdoch’s papers get into though, and clearly, Harry sees a through-line. Even before he met Meghan, there were people tapping his phone and getting their hands on Chelsy Davy’s medical records and more. He has receipts.

Incidentally, not only did King Charles and Queen Camilla hire a communications chief straight from the Mail’s editorial staff, they also invited Viscount Rothermere and Rebekah Brooks (Murdoch’s right hand for his UK operations) to Queen Elizabeth’s funeral.