Jimmy Kimmel Stops The Show With A Prison Wish For Donald Trump

Jimmy Kimmel said Donald Trump is like “spam come to life” for the increasingly bizarre conspiracy theories the former president has been spreading at his rallies.

“Some idiot tells him something, and he runs with it,” Kimmel said. “He just keeps repeating it ― and none of that would excuse intentionally stealing and leaving classified documents laying around your golf course.” 

But he said Trump is making his outlandish claims and repeating those conspiracy theories for a reason.  

“The whole thing is him priming the pump to get people to riot when he inevitably goes to prison,” Kimmel said. “Which I… hold on a second.”  

Kimmel then paused mid-monologue for a moment of prayer: 

“I’ll save it for tonight,” he said as the audience cheered.

He also had an answer for Trump’s latest “puzzling assertion” from a weekend rally when he claimed “two years ago, everything was so good in our country… and now?” 

“Remember when we had to ration toilet paper and the parking lots were makeshift morgues?” Kimmel asked. “That was two years ago.” 

See more in his Monday night monologue:  

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  1. Kimmel is a punk. What happened to the guy with carrola on the man show? Ill tell you, he started suking hollywood wood.

  2. It is a wish share by many. BUT in this country, if you are wealthy enough or politically connected you never paid any consequences.
    Rick Scott is in the Senate after stealing BILLIONS from Medicare and Trump got elected President after a list of misdeeds and crimes over a mile long.

    This post will probably be censored, as many others, so I do not know why I bother

  3. I don’t know what he has been saying at rallies BUT – it is a simple fact that the FBI and US Justice department are and have been going after Trump and/or conservative supporters at a rate and in a way that cannot be mistaken as circumstance. They ignore democrats and liberals for the same or worse. And it’s getting to be a cliche but only consider the horror that Hillary was involved in with secret, top secret and higher documents for her entire tenure of four years as S o S and then destroying subpoenaed documents, etc. and Trump with boxes that may have contained such documents. And it goes on and on with how they have attacked January 6 folks, most accused/charged with misdemeanors or not charged at all finally – but never-the-less were in JAIL for months without bail.. It should scare every American that we have an FBI acting like the Police Force of a Police State!!!

  4. Evil Kimmel likes to appeal to the criminals/murderers/Democrats element like Geronimo Antonio Schmidt…
    He has no problem with the Democrats’ beloved junkies CRIME WAVE of 75 MURDERS DAILY and MILLIONS of OTHER DAILY CRIMES…

  5. Kimmel is an asshole just like the other late night hacks they are not comedians just puppets for the Democrats

  6. Jimmy Kimmel only looks at the Democratic negative. He is a part of the news culture that is so one-sided that they do not share the truths about what IS REALLY GOING ON IN THIS COUNTRY. They lie but want to take away freedom of speech for those who differ from their beliefs. I cannot believe how many people agree with their immigration policies, abortion until the day of birth policies, no bail and ignorance of crime wave policies and unlimited spending policies. Anyone who thinks their quality of life is better under the Biden administration is totally ignorant!!!!

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