Jimmy Kimmel said Donald Trump is like “spam come to life” for the increasingly bizarre conspiracy theories the former president has been spreading at his rallies.

“Some idiot tells him something, and he runs with it,” Kimmel said. “He just keeps repeating it ― and none of that would excuse intentionally stealing and leaving classified documents laying around your golf course.” 

But he said Trump is making his outlandish claims and repeating those conspiracy theories for a reason.  

“The whole thing is him priming the pump to get people to riot when he inevitably goes to prison,” Kimmel said. “Which I… hold on a second.”  

Kimmel then paused mid-monologue for a moment of prayer: 

“I’ll save it for tonight,” he said as the audience cheered.

He also had an answer for Trump’s latest “puzzling assertion” from a weekend rally when he claimed “two years ago, everything was so good in our country… and now?” 

“Remember when we had to ration toilet paper and the parking lots were makeshift morgues?” Kimmel asked. “That was two years ago.” 

See more in his Monday night monologue: