CNN had to apologize for entering the site where dozens of children were slaughtered by a deranged ex-cop, Radar has learned.

It’s the latest blunder for the three-letter news network.

CNN pulled the story on the massacre of Thai preschoolers and apologized over the weekend after it faced a wave of criticism. Crews with the network entered the daycare without permission and filmed the scene where the children were killed.

Two CNN journalists were fined after authorities found they had been working in the country without visas, according to media reports. They were cleared of wrongdoing for entering the school.

Deputy National Police Chief Surachate Hakparn said his investigation determined the journalists thought they had permission to enter the school, the New York Post reported.

Inside, more than 30 people, mostly children, were killed in an attack by an ex-police officer, according to report. The suspect stabbed the victims and then fled the area. He went to his family house, where he killed others and then took his own life.

The former police officer was fired months earlier for drug use, according to reports.

The attack shocked the world and Thailand is now mourning the dozens of victims of the random attack.

Hakparn said the journalists thought they had been waived into the facility, but the person was not authorities to grant access, according to the Post.

The crew agreed to pay $133 in fines for the visa issue.

Both the journalists and CNN officials apologized in a statement after the incident.

“We deeply regret any distress or offense our report may have caused, and for any inconvenience to the police at such a distressing time for the country,” CNN International’s executive vice president and general manager Mike McCarthy said in a statement.