An 18th birthday celebration for a young Colorado man turned into a catastrophe after the party location’s address was leaked online.

The celebration was on February 27 at a home southeast of Aurora, Colorado. The homeowners, who were there at the time of the incident, were having a party for their grandson’s big birthday. One of the young man’s friends appears to have posted the home’s address on social media, and before they knew it, people were showing up in droves.

The Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office estimated that 100 to 150 teenagers were at the home when the floor of the living room collapsed into the basement. Miraculously, only three people were injured, and all are expected to be OK.

Deputies determined the situation was just a horrible accident. They will not be continuing their investigation. The district attorney’s office confirmed that no charges will be filed.

The collapse did lead to a brief natural gas leak that first responders shut off. Technicians then needed to brace the home to prevent any further collapse.