From prince to disgrace, Prince Andrew’s life appears to be getting worse and worse.

“These days, he barely goes out at all. He rarely goes out socially in the evening — where would he go? The only times he used to go out were to visit the queen at the castle and now he can’t even do that,” the insider claimed per The Telegraph, stating he only leaves to go horseback riding or walk the dogs.

Following news of his titles being striped in January, confirmed that Andrew and his sexual assault accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre reached a reported $12 million settlement — sparing potentially damning details from ever being made public.

People later noticed that he was still not allowed to wear his military uniform to Elizabeth’s funeral in September, although the disgraced royal was permitted to wear his uniform “as a special mark of respect” at the final vigil held at Westminster Hall.

“All he wants to do is make things as smooth as possible in stark contrast to days gone by,” claimed the pal, noting Andrew does want some involvement in the future. “Rather than being a distraction, he wants to become a stabilizing influence and sounding board within the family on a very private basis.”

The friend said nowadays that Andrew has proven to be “more thoughtful and more mindful than he has ever been.”

Plus, he apparently still has some perks from royal life including access to a private chef, full staff, and family money. can confirm that Andrew may not be the only family member working to rebuild his bond with the royals, considering King Charles III and Prince Harry are also trying to mend their strained relationship.

As previously reported, Harry’s upcoming memoir may permanently ruin his chances of ever being welcomed back if he shames Charles or Queen Camilla.

“If the book goes away, Harry will be back in with the family,” royal sources claimed. “However, if the book is published, trust will be permanently damaged, and he will never again be welcomed into the new King’s inner circle.”