The former King of Queens star is having a tough time these days.

The LAPD has responded after Leah Remini demanded the department launch an investigation into Cory Palka.

The former police officer handled the paperwork for the missing person’s report she filed in 2013 after the leader of the Church of Scientology David Miscavige‘s wife mysteriously disappeared.

“The Los Angeles police department is aware of public assertions recently made by Leah Remini regarding a missing person investigation involving Shelly Miscavige,” an official press release read.

“In 2014, Los Angeles Police Department detectives assigned to the Missing Persons Unit (MPU) went to Shelly Miscavige’s location and personally made contact with her and her attorney,” it continued. “Detectives found her to be alive and safe, and subsequently closed the missing persons investigation.”

“The Missing Persons United handles adult missing cases throughout the City of Los Angeles and work out of LAPD’s Detective Bureau. This case was not investigated by Hollywood Division personnel and had no involvement by retired LAPD Commander Corey Palka.”

As Radar previously reported, the King of Queens actress called out Palka on Twitter, posting a picture of him accepting a $20,000 check from the Church of Scientology.

“Cory is now being investigated for providing confidential investigative information to top CBS executives,” she wrote on Thursday, November 10. “Which begs the question…what investigative information has he provided to Scientology over the years?”

“Hours after I filed the missing person’s report, the case was closed, and the LAPD announced to the press that they had found Shelly,” Remini continued of the puzzling case. “This news was released first to the press, not to me, who filed the report. I learned about all of this from the media, not from the LAPD.”

When she later questioned members of the police force on if they had spoken with the woman, she was told that information was classified. Remini added that Scientology has a history of “ingratiating itself with law enforcement despite being experts in obstructing justice,” noting they often hire “off-duty LAPD cops as security and donates to LAPD charities.”

Shelly Miscavige has not been seen publicly since 2007.