Ghislaine Maxwell’s Thanksgiving Plans Will Make You Sick

Despite committing some of the most awful crimes many of us have heard of, Ghislaine Maxwell is expected to have a pretty nice Thanksgiving.

Ghislaine Maxwell won’t have to give up her active vegan lifestyle on Thanksgiving behind bars because her low-security prison is hooking her up with a turkey alternative and providing plenty of exercise on Thursday. has obtained FCI Tallahassee’s Thanksgiving food menu and activity schedule, showing the socialite-turned-convicted sex pest will grub on tofurkey instead of the traditional bird.

She and her prison pals will also get to burn off their festive feast with competitive games like volleyball, kickball, and a basketball shooting contest.

For breakfast, Jeffrey Epstein’s ex-lover will be served a light but well-balanced meal like fruit, Bran Flakes, and whole wheat bread. When it comes to her cereal, Maxwell won’t have to eat it dry because of her dietary restrictions.

As this outlet previously reported, her prison offers an array of alternatives, including almond milk.

Lunch is where it’s at for Maxwell and her incarcerated buddies. FCI Tallahassee‘s food menu obtained by reveals the vegan-eating criminal will be served tofurkey instead of turkey.

Depending on how strict Epstein’s former madame is with her diet, her tofurkey pairing options include macaroni and cheese, sweet potato pie, and cornbread dressing — IF she decides on a cheat day.

We can also report that collard greens, cranberry sauce, and fruit are also on the menu.

Dinner won’t be as impressive. Maxwell will end her holiday with a boxed meal, including a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, potato chips, fruit, and an unidentified dessert.

A spokesperson for the Federal Bureau of Prisons tells that in addition to the yummy meal plan, FCI Tallahassee — where Maxwell is serving her 20-year sentence for sex trafficking — is also providing its prisoners with a variety of holiday contests and tournaments, including “a 4-by-4 relay, volleyball and kickball tournament, 3-point shooting contest, and board games.”

Like reality star-turned-convicted criminal Josh Duggar, Maxwell will also get to watch holiday movies on Thanksgiving.

Maxwell’s tofurkey meal in prison isn’t the only one this outlet scored. Besides Maxwell and Duggar, exclusively revealed that R. Kelly‘s Thanksgiving Day won’t include turkey.

His Chicago prison will be serving chicken due to the bird shortage.

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  1. Personally, In my opinion, all those “innocent” girls that travel to a private island and became “surprised” when they realized older men wanted sex from them were gold diggers.
    Now, after Epstein is dead (under very suspicious circumstances) and Maxwell is in jail, the gold diggers and their vulture lawyers got their gold.
    Epstein and Maxwell were despicable human beings, but nowhere as bad as a current ex-president , now running for office again after committing sexual, tax, fraud, and treasonous crimes.

    1. you are FULL of something. The People that had Sex was a lot worse then Epstein and Maxwell. I blame the Clients the despicable human beings. As far as your remarks about Trump, Prove it , with actual FACTS, or shut up.

      1. He can’t prove it. He’s a brainwashed liberal and all he’s capable of doing is parroting the leftist narrative. Facts would simply confuse him…

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