After a long friendship and a rumored affair, O.J. Simpson and Kris Jnner’s relationship has hit a new low.

Bitter O.J. Simpson is fuming over being a Hollywood pariah, and the angry ex-con resents old pal Kris Jenner for not helping him regain his former A-list status, has learned.

“He’s fed up with being avoided like the plague or outright ignored by celebrities, and he’s convinced Kris could change all that by inviting him back into her inner circle,” spilled a source.

The reality TV momager, 67, was best friends with 75-year-old O.J.’s ex, Nicole Brown Simpson — and spies revealed she’s iced out the disgraced NFL legend since her former husband, Robert Kardashian, helped acquit him of her and her friend Ron Goldman‘s murder.

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“He has tried everything to get Kris to let him back in. But she’s made it clear she’s got no time for him — and he’s seeing red over it,” the insider snitched.

Though the football Hall of Famer beat the criminal rap, he later lost a civil trial, where he was found responsible for the bloody twin killings and ordered to pay $33.5 million to the victims’ families.

O.J.’s name was dragged through the mud again after he was convicted of armed robbery and kidnapping in 2008 for a dustup at a Las Vegas hotel and served nine years in a Nevada slammer.

But an insider squealed that after the Naked Gun cutup was paroled in 2017, he was counting on media-savvy Kris to help rejuvenate his rock-bottom reputation — but his wishes fell on deaf ears.

“He doesn’t understand why he was dropped from Kris’ friend list. He wants her to help and exonerate his name from the murder of Nicole — or throw him a bone on Instagram or Twitter at the very least,” shared the source.

“By being so quiet and having nothing to do with him, it’s not given anyone else in Hollywood a reason to pick up the phone or give him the time of day — at least that’s how he sees it.”

Talk has swirled for years that O.J. — and not his late attorney pal Kardashian — is the biological father of Jenner’s daughter Khloé Kardashian, 38.

Both Kris and the Juice deny the paternity claim, but sources say Simpson thinks the gossip would make great fodder for a talk show appearance.

“He’s fixated on clearing the air,” blabbed the insider. “But anyone can tell he’s a very angry and opinionated soul — and she’s right in staying away.”