While Meghan is known for crying “victim,” the reality appears to be quite different than her perception. Here’s what an expert is saying about that report and when the Palace could share it with the public.

The gloves are off following the release of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s Netflix docuseries as it’s believed that the royal family is going to publish the report of complaints that the duchess allegedly bullied staffers, which the Firm previously buried. The review is thought to be “highly critical” of Meghan and the way she treated Palace staff.

The Palace previously declined to release report about Meghan bullying staffers

You may recall that back in March 2021, Buckingham Palace launched an investigation into complaints alleging Meghan bullied some of her assistants and that Harry even urged one aide to drop the issue.

Reuters noted that in June 2022, Queen Elizabeth II’s treasurer Michael Stevens revealed that the privately-funded review, which examined the royal household’s handling of the allegations, was completed but did not share the report’s findings.

“The review has been completed and recommendations on our policies and procedures have been taken forward,” Stevens told reporters. “We will not be commenting further.”

Some of the bullying allegations that have come to light since include one aide claiming to have burst into tears because Meghan berated her, and others claiming that working for the pair was so bad they called themselves the “Sussex Survivors Club.”

Expert convinced report will be shared with the public following docuseries

While the royals may have swept the review under the rug at the time the fact is the report still exist and a PR expert believes that the Firm will bring it to light following this particular crisis with Meghan and Harry.

Edward Coram James is a PR, reputation, and crisis management expert. He spoke to Express about the report and said it’s just a matter of time now before the Palace releases it.

“The royals are currently sitting on a report that is likely to be highly critical of the Duchess of Sussex, with many former royal aides that have come forward to accuse her of bullying. I do not believe that the royal family has buried this report to protect Meghan’s image,” he opined. “It is more likely that they will have felt that there has not yet been a good timing moment to release it yet.”

He added: “I do not expect them to release it in the immediate aftermath of the current crisis either, for the same reasons. The Palace are experts at crisis management. I believe that this report will be published at some point, but it will be at a time in which it will hold the most gravity, and for that, the current scandals need to blow over.”

Silence will speak louder than words?

It’s been reported that the royals could fight back vocally and refute any false claims the Sussexes make about the monarchy in their docuseries. However, James believes they won’t directly address the allegations.

He told Express: “The royal family understands better than most the great power held in dignified silence, indeed it is one of the things that the British public has come to respect most in the senior royals. In some contexts, silence can be worth a thousand words. It can serve to ennoble the royal family in the eyes of the public while making the noisy side seem immature, gossipy, and rabble-rousing.

“Expect a lot of silence from the working royals, punctuated by the odd short, and very carefully chosen statement from the Palace, with the work of providing more specific context and statements coming from members of the royal household and friends that you have never heard of.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have previously denied allegations that Meghan bullied her staffers calling it a “smear campaign.”