Ex-Food Network star Paula Deen and Lara Trump have been pictured together at Mar-a-Lago.

The daughter-in-law of former President Donald Trump captioned the Wednesdasy photo with a butter emoji, an American flag and a white heart. Deen did not mention the visit on her own social media pages.

The 75-year-old chef has kept a relatively low public profile since the Food Network fired her in 2013 for using racial slurs.

In a deposition for a discrimination lawsuit, Deen said “of course” she had used the N-word in the past. She claimed she was always joking.

“Most jokes are about Jewish people, rednecks, Black folks,” Deen said in the deposition. “They usually target, though, a group. Gays or straights, Black, redneck, you know … I can’t, myself, determine what offends another person.”

Deen was deposed after a former employee, Lisa Jackson, said she created a hostile work environment at her restaurant. The lawsuit was later dismissed.

Though she was canned by the Food Network, Deen continues to sell cookbooks and promote her recipes online.

Trump, 40, most recently worked at Fox News. She left the network earlier this month after her father-in-law announced he’s running for president again.