This story might make you feel different the next time you go to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.

Rumors surrounding the late David Bowie’s sexuality circulated for decades. Over the years, he made several confusing statements, first coming out as gay and then bisexual, which he later regretted as it became his defining characteristic in the media.

As it turns out, the “Queen Bitch” singer was not only bisexual, but he may have bedded Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger on more than one occasion. 

Not long after the rock star died in 2016, his former bodyguard Stuart George claimed Bowie had a threesome with Jagger and an unnamed famous female singer in a closet while he guarded the door. According to Thrillist, the story gets even more exciting. 

Allegedly, the famous Russian ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev saw the three celebrities enter the closet and begged to join in on the fun. But, since Bowie told him not to let anyone inside, George forbade the dancer from turning the threesome into a foursome. 

Not long after the bodyguard went public, one of Bowie’s former backup singers stepped forward. She claimed she had a threesome with the rock stars. However, it’s unknown if she’s the unnamed female singer from the bodyguard’s closet story. 

Ava Cherry dated Bowie in the ’70s while he was married to model/actor Angie Barnett. Eventually, she joined him on tour as a backup singer as their relationship became more serious. Then, after Bowie’s death, Cherry revealed to the New York Post that she was the “tasty filling” in what she referred to as a Bowie and Jagger cookie.

“I’m not going to say that I didn’t make love to the both of them because I did,” she said. “They made love to me. It’s called a cookie. I was the tasty filling.”

David Bowie’s ex-wife caught him in bed with men

Bowie’s former bodyguard and backup singer weren’t the first to have claimed the musician had a sexual relationship with Jagger. His ex-wife, Angie Barnett, went public with it on The Joan Rivers Show in 1990 after her nondisclosure agreement ended.

According to Snopes, Barnett caught Bowie in bed with men on several occasions. But her favorite was when she walked in on him lying in bed naked with Jagger. While Jagger publically denied there was anything sexual happening between them, rumors spread that the two were more than friends. 

After Jagger’s lawyer got involved, Barnett backtracked on her statement, announcing she technically never caught them in the act. However, in her 1993 tell-all book Backstage Passes, she confirmed that while she didn’t see any action, she knew they weren’t just having a friendly sleepover. In an excerpt from her book, she wrote:

“… when I walked into that room and found Mick and David together, I felt absolutely dead certain that they’d been screwing. It was so obvious, in fact, that I never even considered the possibility that they hadn’t been screwing …

The fact that Mick had a perfectly good bed of his own just three hundred yards away from where he was passed out naked with David — it all added up inescapably in my head as well as my gut. I didn’t have to look around for open jars of K-Y jelly.”

Bowie’s bodyguard isn’t the first, and certainly won’t be the last, to spill their client’s secret. Michael Jackson’s former bodyguard and apparent friend, Matt Fiddes, spilled some juicy details about the King of Pop.

Fiddes claimed to have helped his former employer conceive his children by donating sperm. He believes Blanket is his biological son. Fiddes also disclosed that Jackson dated Whitney Houston for a few weeks before she started dating Bobby Brown and was head-over-heels for the singer.

That’s nothing compared to what Eminem’s former bodyguard, Byron Williams, revealed. Williams claimed the rapper was terrified of his ex-wife, Kim. He allegedly saw her throw a lamp once and would often be involved in Eminem’s web of lies created to avoid getting caught cheating with the fans and groupies he bedded. Clearly, celebrity bodyguards aren’t paid enough to keep them from spilling the dirt!