According to, T.J. Holmes, a star on Good Morning America, had a second affair with a junior staffer before his relationship with co-host Amy Robach.

This revelation comes shortly after Holmes was accused of having an affair with another junior staffer, Jasmin Pettaway, in 2015.

That is the revelation shared by Page Six on Tuesday, although the outlet opted not to disclose the second junior staffer’s name.

According to one source who spoke to the outlet, the second junior staffer Holmes allegedly slept with in 2015 was in her mid-20s at the time and was working for ABC as an overnight associate producer at the time of the tryst.

Holmes and the staffer were reportedly inside his office after 3 AM when “a bunch of rustling” could be heard coming from inside the room.

Upon exiting Holmes’ office, the staffer reportedly emerged both “completely flush” and looking like “a deer in headlights.”

It is unclear if the junior staffer ever reported the alleged encounter between her and Holmes to HR, but the woman reportedly no longer works at the network.

“He was in a position of power over her,” one network insider said. “I do think it was like: ‘Here’s this good-looking younger girl, and she’s here in my office, let me make a move,’ sort of thing.”

As previously reported, Holmes’ alleged affair in his office with the overnight associate producer marks just the latest alleged affair the GMA host had before it was revealed he and Robach were romantically linked in November 2022.

Last week, it was revealed Holmes also allegedly slept with 24-year-old script coordinator Jasmin Pettaway during a “months-long” affair that also took place in 2015.

“He was a predator who took full advantage of his position, and he was reckless,” a source close to Pettaway said on January 19. “It was Jasmin’s first real job in television, and it was a big deal for her.”

“She was looking for a mentor and she reached out to several people,” Pettaway’s close friend continued. “T.J. was someone who was responsive, but he absolutely abused the position of trust.”

“I don’t know how long that had been going on before it got sexual, but I do know the first time it did was in his office, and he was about to go on air in a couple of hours.”

According to ABC insiders familiar with Holmes and Robach’s recently exposed relationship, Robach was “blindsided” by her co-star-turned-lover’s numerous affairs over the years.

Robach reportedly feels like “collateral damage” in the ongoing situation, and did not expect her relationship with Holmes to “blow up into a scandal” after their extra-marital affair was first exposed in November.

ABC has since launched an investigation into the couple’s romance to determine if any company policies were violated, and both Robach and Holmes were taken off the air and have not been back since the internal investigation was launched in December.