In a world where addiction takes many forms, there are those whose vices are more unexpected and bizarre than others. Such is the case of an unnamed woman, whose addiction has taken on an unusual form- the consumption of mattresses. Yes, you read that right, mattresses.

We live in a world where addiction is a constant battle, and new vices are popping up all the time, often born out of the most innocent of places. But this woman’s addiction is truly a phenomenon unlike any other. Imagine the sight of someone gnawing on a mattress, tearing at the fabric with their teeth and devouring it as if it were their last meal. It’s hard to comprehend, but it’s a reality for this woman.

They say that addiction doesn’t discriminate, that it can strike anyone, regardless of their social status, wealth, or background. But this woman’s addiction is a reminder that addiction can take on the most unexpected forms, and that it’s something that should never be taken lightly. It’s a powerful and all-consuming force that can take hold of a person and never let go.

This woman’s story is a cautionary tale, a reminder that addiction can be found in the most unusual of places and it’s something that should never be underestimated. It’s a constant battle that requires strength, courage, and support to overcome. But most importantly, it’s a reminder that addiction can happen to anyone and it’s something that should never be ignored.

These days more people are seeking help to shake off an addiction to the popular video game Minecraft than they are to crack cocaine, though perhaps one of those things not being illegal has something to do with it.

On top of that are the people with serious habits who keep up their addiction for years, like the guy who got hooked on Pepsi and drank 30 cans of the stuff every day for 20 years.

Adding it all together that’s almost 220,000 cans of the cola and about seven million cubes of sugar, which itself is a highly addictive white powder.

However, there are some more outlandish addictions out there too, such as the woman who got hooked on eating mattresses.

Jennifer featured on TLC show My Strange Addiction, where she explained that she got through about a square foot worth of mattresses a day, and moved onto eating her mother’s mattress after polishing off all of her own.

She said: “I like my mattress plain and straight up, no mayonnaise, butter, none of that.

“The side effects of eating mattresses, gas is really the only one you’d have. It enters my body and leaves my body, it enters my system and goes out.”

Jennifer explained that she first got into eating mattresses when she was just five years old and started eating the sponge from her seat in the family car.

It just went from there, and while she hadn’t suffered health problems from it her addiction carried the risk of liver damage or intestinal blockage which could lead to death.