Fans of US talk show The View have slammed the program following the hosts ‘disgusting and rude’ behavior in front of a live audience.

The criticism comes as the panelists samples Super Bowl snacks and were filmed feasting on the array of snacks during the show.

However fans of the show watching at home criticized the food segment as the hosts tried a variety of dishes, whereas the audience members didn’t get to taste the samples.

The criticism is another backlash against the program, which has come under fire lately for comments from panelist Whoopi Goldberg who has taken aim at fans and viewers recently.

The Super Bowl segment which angered viewers began with individual meals for the panelists as they took their seats on Friday 10 February.

Dishes including Super Bowl sandwiches such as Philly cheesesteaks and chicken salad sandwiches.

Throughout the show the hosts sampled the dishes as part of a feature on preparing Super Bowl snacks ahead of the sports tournament.

Yet viewers were less than pleased to see the segment air.

One viewer tweeted: “It is so rude how the cohosts eat in front of the audience and all the audience usually gets are some stale snacks and juice boxes. You can afford to feed the audience @TheView #theview”.

Another added: “I hate to watch these people eat. I’m gonna go get myself some food .watch this on demand if I remember to.really boring uninspiring and a waste of my time. I hope there’s no starving people watching this show. @TheView #TheView”.

“Kinda thought about how folks say about how they eat in front of the audience. #TheView,” said a third.

Another called out the segment for its privilege, as it shared: “One would think privileged people could eat elsewhere instead of in front of the camera. There are so many in America needing food . Guess they won’t have TVs either.”

The anger from viewers is another backlash in recent days, after viewers slammed the show’s recent features including a debate between host Joy Behar and actress Whoopi Goldberg.

On Thursday 9 February, Whoopi was forced to defend a previous conversation she had with her co-star as she branded viewers as “making it hard to have fun” on the daytime chat show.

The pair of hosts had a joke argument where Joy revealed she had no friends from when she was fired from the show 10 years ago, despite Whoopi also being a cast member at the time.

In response, the Sister Act actress trembled her lips and began to fake cry.

Whilst the exchange was later clarified as a joke, viewers took offence and Whoopi felt compelled to call it out.

Speaking on air, she said: ” I need to take a second. People, Joy and I were having fun yesterday and once again you have taken it to some other place.”

“We have been friends for 100 years! First of all, if I was upset at Joy I wouldn’t tell her on the show.”

She added: “You’re making it hard to have fun. We’re on the show for an hour, we don’t get to joke a lot but when we do just let us run with it.”

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