Russian Allies Are Threatening to Bomb England’s Parliament

A Russian state TV host who is known for his strong support of Russian President Vladimir Putin, made a brazen call for a missile strike on London’s Parliament in a rant against the Western nations’ support for Ukraine, according to

During his Solovyov Live show, the host of Russia-1 channel exclaimed, “Why can’t we finally attack London? What’s the issue?”

One of the clips from the segment has been making its rounds online with subtitles by Anton Gerashchenko, an adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

“No, no, no — only at military targets. Well, at the parliament, too,” the propagandist continued.

Solovyov spoke out against those arming Ukraine, thus allowing it to strike territory that Russia claims but is not recognized by the West.

“Well, they’re going to give planes [to Ukraine] to strike deep into Russia’s territory. At the same time, they cunningly say: ‘No, well, we just don’t recognize Crimea as Russia,'” he went on.

“You will now determine what Russia is for you? Not the people in Russia will determine it, not a referendum, not a vote, but you will determine what Russia is for us?” he added.

“In this case we will not recognize at all—for us then there is no England at all,” Solovyov said during his rant. “No France. No Germany. Instead, there are Nazi states united by hatred for everything Russian.”

He declared, “And so, let’s get serious. Do they think there are no red lines? OK. Well, let’s show them that there are no more red lines. Let’s strike! So that the fist would ring.”

Next week will mark one year since Putin launched his military attack on February 24, 2022.

A British defense intelligence assessment recently determined that Russia had suffered its highest rate of casualties since the first week of the invasion.

“The mean average for the last seven days was 824 casualties per day,” it claimed, citing the uptick is likely caused due to a range of factors including lack of trained personnel, coordination, and resources across the front.

Meanwhile, Ukraine also continues to suffer a high attrition rate.

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  1. I feel that any and all Country’s that help Ukraine, should be taken care of, by Putin. All that help Ukraine has declared war on Russia.

  2. It hurts me to say this, but these Russians are as obtuse and have the same sense of proportion as the MAGA fanatics

    1. GA Schmidt … you’re correct … but not in the way you think you are. MAGA people are trying to defend America against Marxism. Marxism invaded and took over Russia in the form of the Soviet Union. Though the Soviet Union fell … Marxists are trying to take back Russia. MAGA and Russia are both fighting against Marxism.

    2. I’ve never met a MAGA fanatic. I have met many who are sickened by what the government, both Democrats and Republicans have done to our once great nation. I worked along the Russian border in former Soviet Republics and the Russians are universally hated in all of them. Ukraine like may Americans are sick to death of corruption and incompetence. America is nowhere near what it was and Democrats and their leftist insanity are primarily responsible.

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