Prince Andrew Refuses to Leave Castle

The disagreement between Prince Andrew and King Charles continues to escalate, as it appears that the disgraced Duke is unwilling to leave Windsor Castle even if his older brother tries to remove him.

This situation has arisen as King Charles plans to reduce Andrew’s pay and benefits from Buckingham Palace.

Despite his brother’s potential order to depart, the Duke of York is reportedly standing firm in his refusal to leave Windsor.

According to a recent report in the New York Post, a source with knowledge of the situation has stated that it is highly unlikely that Prince Andrew will be forced to leave Windsor Castle, even if King Charles wants him to.

The source believes that the King will not take such drastic action, and therefore it is unlikely to become an issue.

The source also mentioned that there is a possibility that Prince Andrew may take legal action against his older brother if he is indeed asked to leave.

This could be because the Duke of York has reportedly invested a significant amount of money into his Windsor home, which boasts numerous luxurious features, such as a large pool, almost 100 acres of land, and an impressive 30 bedrooms.

“[If Charles] wants to spend millions reimbursing him for the money he’s already spent on the property, that’s another matter,” the royal insider said.

“Could you imagine a situation where the Duke threatens to sue his brother, the King, over money?” said another royal source following reports King Charles is looking to evict Andrew from Windsor Castle, adding that it “would be unthinkable.”

There have been reports that King Charles may indirectly remove Prince Andrew from Windsor Castle by significantly reducing his royal allowance of $300,000.

Although the King has not directly asked his brother to leave, some insiders suggest that it may become difficult for the Duke of York to maintain his residence without the financial support provided by his allowance.

One source explained that the situation is not a matter of explicit eviction, but rather an indirect approach to encourage Prince Andrew to leave.

The insider believes that it may become financially difficult for the Duke to maintain his current lifestyle, including his residence at Windsor Castle, if his allowance is drastically reduced.

According to recent reports, Prince Andrew has issued a warning to King Charles that he may reveal sensitive information if his royal allowance and privileges are not reinstated.

Specifically, the Duke of York has threatened to write a tell-all book that could potentially damage the reputation of his own mother, Queen Elizabeth.

This threat comes after Andrew was removed from his royal duties due to his association with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and his close associate Ghislaine Maxwell.

The Prince’s reputation has been tarnished as a result of this association, and he may feel that he has nothing to lose by revealing potentially damaging information.

“People thought Prince Harry’s memoir was bad. But what Andrew can reveal about certain members of his family would blow the lid off,” one palace source told

“Andrew has access to information that could prove embarrassing to Charles and, indeed, the whole family.”

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