After decades of being reported as a missing person from Pennsylvania, Patricia Kopta has been found alive and in good health in Puerto Rico, according to the authorities.

The Ross Township police, situated to the north of Pittsburgh, made the announcement on Thursday, revealing that the case of the missing person has now been resolved.

In 1992, Patricia Kopta, also known as “The Sparrow” due to her street preaching, was reported missing by her husband.

Recently, police were contacted by an Interpol agent and a social worker who believed Kopta was still alive and residing in an adult care facility in Puerto Rico.

Upon investigation, Kopta was found to be in need of care on June 30, 1999, but she was initially reluctant to divulge any information about her personal life.

She only disclosed that she arrived in Puerto Rico via a cruise ship from Europe.

However, as time passed and she aged, Kopta started to open up about her life, leading to contact with authorities in Pennsylvania.

Officers were able to track down a sister and nephew of Kopta’s who provided DNA samples that could be tested alongside hers.