Minnesota Vikings wide receiver, K.J. Osborn, has been praised for his heroic actions in saving a man’s life from a burning car on Sunday night. Osborn took to Twitter to recount the experience, expressing disbelief at being part of such a situation.

According to Osborn, he and three other individuals rescued the man from a vehicle that had caught fire after a serious crash.

The incident occurred while Osborn was returning home in an Uber after a workout in Austin, Texas.

The driver informed him of the crash, and Osborn immediately sprang into action. He recounted the events in an interview on The Adam Schefter Podcast.

“My Uber driver just starts going crazy. He’s like, ‘Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!’ I look up, and I’m wondering what’s all the fuss about,” Osborn said. “He’s like, ‘This guy crashed,’ and I look to my right and there’s a car, if you were to picture it, under a bridge’s pillars. His car is head-on. He hit the pillar and his car is in flames.”

Upon arriving at the scene, Osborn, along with his Uber driver and two other individuals, whom he referred to as “heroes,” stopped to assess the situation and contacted emergency services for assistance.

Although the Uber driver had intended to contact 911, K.J. Osborn recognized the gravity of the situation and understood that they needed to act immediately.

Without hesitation, Osborn insisted that they must act immediately, saying, “No, we have to save this guy.” Despite the danger, Osborn’s Uber driver rushed towards the burning vehicle, prompting Osborn and the two other bystanders to follow suit.

Working together, the group was able to open the door and engage in conversation with the trapped man. When it became clear that the man could not free himself from the car, they banded together to rescue him from the flames and ensure his safety.

According to Osborn’s account to Schefter, the car was engulfed in flames, and the injured man inside was bleeding and incoherent. After successfully extricating the man from the burning vehicle, Osborn and the other individuals carried him a short distance away as he continued to bleed onto Osborn’s shirt.

Soon after, emergency personnel arrived on the scene, extinguished the fire, and transported the injured man to the hospital via ambulance.

“The police officers got all our info and everything, and they came back and told us, ‘You saved that man’s life.’”

Osborn said he plans on visiting the man he saved in the hospital.

The unidentified victim sustained minor injuries, but Osborn is just happy that he is alive, calling it “the greatest blessing.”

The identities of the Uber driver and the two other individuals who helped save the man’s life have not been disclosed yet.

Osborn, who is currently pursuing a master’s degree in criminal justice at the University of Miami and intends to join the FBI or Secret Service after his football career, revealed that he is still grappling with the events that transpired on Sunday night.

“I didn’t expect it to have such an impact on me. I thought I’d be able to sleep fine, but I couldn’t,” the NFL wide receiver said.

Osborn, who was selected by the Vikings in the fifth round of the 2020 NFL Draft, expressed great joy that he and the others were driving by that night to save the man, believing the man would have perished if they weren’t there.

“They always say ‘wrong place, wrong time,’ but you know I was at the exact place at the right time,” he said.