According to, a Russian political pundit appearing on state TV has claimed that Vladimir Putin, who is currently 70 years old, is likely to pass away before the conclusion of the ongoing Russia/Ukraine conflict. Speculation regarding Putin’s health has persisted for some time, particularly in light of his country’s military activities on the front lines.

Concerns have been raised that in his final days, the Kremlin leader might resort to nuclear warfare as a final and desperate attempt to cause widespread destruction and chaos.

According to recent reports, Sergey Mikheyev, a former director of the Russia-based research company Center for Current Policy Analysis, made an appearance on Russian state television over the weekend. During his appearance, Mikheyev issued a dire warning, stating that if current trends and actions persist, people may not live long enough to witness any successes.

As a political insider, Mikheyev further directed his warning to Putin himself, emphasizing the urgency of the situation.

During his appearance on state television, Sergey Mikheyev spoke candidly about the current state of affairs, remarking to host Vladimir Solovyov, a known supporter of Putin, that even the leadership may not live long enough to witness any success.

Mikheyev went on to express his belief that their position had drastically deteriorated and urged a more proactive approach. He warned that continuing to merely imitate sovereignty without genuine success was not a viable option and would result in a massive failure.

In a recent outburst against Kremlin leadership, the Russian political pundit, Sergey Mikheyev, criticized military commanders for their lack of response to the appalling treatment of Russian troops during Putin’s unjustified attack on Ukraine. Mikheyev emphasized the need for action and warned that retreating would only weaken Russia’s image. He suggested that the Kremlin military should instead create difficulties for countries supporting Ukraine.

Mikheyev further proposed that Russia should demonstrate its technological superiority by utilizing long-range strikes.

Sergey Mikheyev’s proposal for long-range strikes is in line with Putin’s threats of nuclear warfare and the recent sightings of Russian nuclear fighter jets conducting flight drills over European territories.

As a former director of the Center for Current Policy Analysis, Mikheyev argued that these long-distance strikes would be a necessary response to the rules of the game that have been imposed on Russia.

Mikheyev has been a vocal proponent of the invasion of Ukraine, arguing that the territory is historically Russian land that was lost due to mistakes and betrayals.