According to reports, the Duke of York submitted an expense claim for over £32,000 ($38,500 USD) to pay for an Indian guru he has been using for years, after the passing of his mother in 2022.

However, King Charles III has refused to use Buckingham Palace funds to cover this expense, despite the expectation of the Duke to continue to use family funds without question.

The Duke of York allegedly allowed an Indian guru to stay at the £30 million Royal Lodge in Windsor Great Park for up to a month, receiving treatment that involves chanting, massages, and holistic therapy. It is reported that this treatment is similar to what can be found in city mall shops for around $50.

Prior to her death, Queen Elizabeth paid for her son’s treatment in full, indulging in the expensive therapy for years. However, a source claimed that King Charles III is less inclined to tolerate his brother’s extravagant expenses, given the ongoing cost-of-living crisis in the UK.

The source also humorously mentioned that the King found it amusing when he saw his brother’s surprising claim, thinking that the Duke was joking.

One year after being stripped of his royal titles and patronages due to allegations of sexual abuse related to his previous connections with disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Andrew is reportedly considering an explosive tell-all interview to clear his name and restore “honor back to the crown.”

The accusations were made by trafficking victim Virginia Giuffre, who claimed to have been forced into an intimate relationship with Andrew when she was only 17 years old. Although the matter was later settled out of court, Andrew’s titles and duties have not been reinstated.

A source has revealed that the Duke believes he has already paid a high price and feels he has little to lose by speaking out.

Sarah, Duchess of York, has publicly referred to her ex-husband, the Prince, as “poor Andrew” on numerous occasions and expressed her regret over his absence from public life. She has even admitted that she will always support him through challenging times.