If there’s one thing royal watchers know, it’s that King Charles III has always known that Camilla, Queen Consort was the love of his life. Even though they both went separate ways in their younger years and married other people, Camilla reportedly kept close tabs on who her ex-boyfriend was dating. 

Camilla may have had a plan all along to eventually get Charles to marry her, according to the Hilary Rose’s deep-dive article in the Times of London. She was married to Andrew Parker Bowles at the time, but he was unfaithful to her.

Instead of kicking him out, she kept him around as an “insurance policy” while keeping an eye on the true love of her life, Charles. She made several strategic moves to keep the royal around, making her friendship indispensable to him.

Besides making Charles a godfather to her oldest son, Tom Parker Bowles, Camilla kept the “sexual chemistry” alive with constant flirting. Even though she was married, she also made sure to vet “potential brides” for Charles, who was feeling the pressure to get married, and confirming they weren’t too much of a threat to her — Camilla wanted to keep her place as Charles’ favorite (even reportedly making out with him on the dance floor in front of one of his dates). 

This flirtation did not go unnoticed by Camilla’s husband, Andrew Parker Bowles, who reportedly noted, “HRH is very fond of my wife and she appears to be very fond of him.” No kidding! It wouldn’t be long before Charles and Camilla were involved in a full-blown affair. She didn’t drop the ball and basically made her path to the throne a reality because she wasn’t going to let anyone else win Charles’ heart.