Former KGB spy Sergei Zhirnov, who previously worked with Vladimir Putin, has alleged that the Russian leader is utilizing body doubles to hide his deteriorating health and to prevent assassination attempts.

As rumors continue to circulate regarding the use of body doubles by the 70-year-old leader, Zhirnov claims to have video evidence showing the purported doubles substituting for Putin.

According to, former KGB spy Sergei Zhirnov, who studied and worked alongside Putin, claims to have evidence that Putin is using body doubles to hide his alleged failing health and avoid potential assassination attempts.

Zhirnov cited two instances in February where he believes Putin used a body double. He alleged that the “skinny” and “coughing” Putin who gave a speech on February 21 was not the same Putin who appeared the following day at a pro-war rally in Moscow.

“He has a totally different shape of eye orbits, a totally different head, absolutely different wrinkles – a different voice,” Zhirnov said regarding the Putin in Moscow on February 22.

Zhirnov claimed “a totally different Putin pops up” on February 22 versus the Putin who appeared one day earlier, and the alleged body double had “a wider face as if he bloated in 24 hours.”

As previously reported by, other Russian insiders have also claimed that the 70-year-old Russian leader is employing body doubles. This week, the Telegram channel General SVR also alleged that Putin used a body double during a visit to Mongolia on Tuesday.

General SVR, a Telegram channel, alleged that a man resembling Putin displayed unusual emotions and gestures during a recent visit to Mongolia.

The channel claimed that the double betrayed himself with his facial expressions and excessive waving of hands for almost half an hour, as the real Putin does not have such conduct. The channel added that yesterday Putin’s double waved his arms so much that he looked like he was portraying a fan.

The purported Putin lookalike on Tuesday committed a series of gaffes, including stating that 12 million Russians reside east of the Ural Mountains, and that Putin had previously served in the Russian Marines. However, these statements are factually incorrect, as 25.5 million people live east of the Ural Mountains and Putin never served in the Russian Marines.