Brooke Shields Exposes JFK Jr.

Brooke Shields, the model and actor, recently shared details about her short-lived romance with John F. Kennedy Jr., the eldest son of President John F. Kennedy and Jackie Onassis, on “The Howard Stern Show” on Tuesday.

Shields, who was promoting her new Hulu documentary, “Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields,” recounted how she found herself spending time with her childhood crush in the 1980s when she and her mom traveled to Aspen, Colorado, for a wedding, where the Kennedys were enjoying a skiing vacation.

Shields said that she tried to impress Kennedy, who was five years older than her, by showing off her skills on the slopes, despite having “never skied before in my life.”

However, she caught his eye and was invited to spend an evening with the close-knit family at a local bar that was a little rowdy for Shields’ taste. She recalled that “everyone was just drinking at the bar and there were bar fights.”

After their “real date,” however, Shields chose to turn down Kennedy’s advances “because I kind of loved him too much.” While they shared a kiss, which the “Endless Love” actor described as “the best kiss I’ve ever had in my life,” Shields said she “froze” up when the possibility of sex was floated.

Shields added that after rejecting Kennedy’s advances she was left to make her own way back to her chalet. “I had to get a cab home, which was a little less chivalrous, in my opinion,” she said.

The following day, Shields remembered being ignored on the slopes by Kennedy and realizing that she had made the right decision. “He didn’t look at me and he didn’t talk to me,” Shields said. “On the one hand, I was like ‘Shit.’ On the other hand, I was like, ‘Oh, thank God, because he still might not have talked to you.’ He showed his true colors in that,” she added.

Shields also recounted how she was madly in love with Kennedy since she was three years old, and her mother would say, “That’s the boy you’re going to marry.”

Shields’ revelation about Kennedy’s behavior sheds light on the real personality of the man whom many people looked up to and admired for his charm and good looks. Shields’ honesty about the incident is commendable, as it shows that even people who are idolized can have flaws.

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  1. He was only a few years older than her and ost people change as they get older.. I believe he did and I think this is petty of her.

  2. No one in the Kennedy clan was as presented to the public. Ted was a drunken criminal, John couldn’t go a day “without getting laid by someone other than Jackie, Bobby was likely the smart one but he had the same lack of ethics as his brothers. The betrayal by JFK of the Cubans fighting for freedom was all my family had to experience to end our support for the Kennedy’s.

  3. Careful all, there is another Kennedy wanting to be President in 2024 (Robert Jr). Cant let that happen. An elite, snobbish family.

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