Inside America’s Most Inbred Family

The heartbreaking story of the Whittaker family from Odd, West Virginia, highlights the devastating impact of inbreeding on generations of individuals.

This family’s history is characterized by a series of intermarriages between relatives, which have resulted in severe genetic defects that affect their ability to communicate and lead normal lives.

The family’s inbreeding began with two identical twin brothers, Henry and John Whittaker, whose children got married and had over a dozen kids together.

The consequences of these intermarriages have been devastating, with many of the children born with severe physical and mental impairments.

The family members’ communication skills are limited, with many of them only able to communicate through grunts and barks instead of talking.

They live in a cramped shack with several dogs and seem to have very limited access to education and healthcare.

Despite their challenges, the Whittaker family is fiercely protected by their neighbors and relatives who don’t want them to be ridiculed or harmed in any way.

Filmmaker Mark Laita documented their lives after first visiting in 2004 and managed to win their trust despite initially receiving a hostile welcome.

Over the years, Laita returned to visit the family and filmed a documentary about their way of life, which has been viewed more than 28 million times.

His goal was to shed light on issues in parts of the country that people seldom see and to highlight the need for greater support from the government and corporations.

The Whittakers have suffered immeasurably due to their family’s history of inbreeding. The story of this family is a tragic reminder of the importance of avoiding inbreeding and the critical role of education and access to healthcare in preventing genetic disorders.

It is a reminder that we must be vigilant in our efforts to protect vulnerable populations and ensure they receive the support and care they need to live healthy and fulfilling lives.

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      1. White, inbred and rural.
        If they have a party affiliation, I would bet $25 dollars they are MAGA Republicans

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