Mother who turned in trans daughter for school shooting threat speaks out

The mother of a Colorado teenager who had planned to carry out a school shooting alerted police about her daughter’s plans. According to a police affidavit obtained by The Post, Lilly Whitworth-Mathes, a transgender woman who was born William, had been researching weaponry and the layout of local schools.

She had even written a four-page manifesto praising serial killer Ed Kemper and Sandy Hook elementary school shooter Adam Lanza. The manifesto included lists of firearms and how to 3D print them, detailed lists of individuals named to be killed, and information on creating improvised explosive devices.

Whitworth-Mathes’ sister had called the Elbert County Sheriff’s Office on March 31 after Whitworth-Mathes violently approached her and made comments referencing a school shooting, threatening to shoot up a school.

Officers discovered holes that appeared to have been punched into the walls outside Whitworth-Mathes’ bedroom, and her bedroom door was off its hinges and lying beside the opening.

Whitworth-Mathes was allegedly very drowsy and could not stay awake when the officers arrived. She later admitted to being drunk. When asked why she had planned the school shooting, she allegedly responded, “Why does anyone do it?” Whitworth-Mathes also made suicidal statements and said she did not know of any weapons in her home.

Police did not find any firearms in the house, but they did see bottles of weapon cleaning liquid. Whitworth-Mathes allegedly had been making her plans for one to two months, and had drawn floor plans in notebooks and on a dry erase board.

She had also drawn “a clock to use as a detonation device” with further instructions. She verified that Timberview Middle school was one of the “main targets” currently and other targets were churches.

Whitworth-Mathes was charged with two counts of criminal attempt to commit murder and one count each of criminal mischief, menacing and interference with staff, faculty, or students of educational institutions. She was ordered held on $75,000 bond and is set to appear in court on May 5. A public defender appointed to represent her declined to comment when contacted by The Post.

Whitworth-Mathes’ mother, Melissa Whitworth-Mathes, stated that it was a “family decision” to have her daughter “held accountable for her actions.” She wrote in a message to The Post that “We are also victims in the cases against Lily, and are struggling to come to terms with what has happened and what we had to do to protect the public.”

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  1. The evil Democrats warped this unfortunate lady’s daughter into a stoner with multiple murderous Democrat beloved addictions… the Democrats must have a manifesto secretly circulating instructing their stoners how to do their kind of evils to society…

  2. No such thing as a Transgender, this is a Homsexual Boy trying to Impersonate a Real Female, a few years in a Mental Institution to Treat His Gender Dysphoria will Fix him Right Up !

  3. Parents, I think that come Judgement Day, you will be held accountable for the way you Failed as a Parent. God trusted you to raise your child, Right.

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