Two Police Officers Killed in Traffic Stop Shootout

Two Wisconsin police officers were shot and killed Saturday afternoon during a traffic stop northwest of the village of Cameron.

According to a news release from the Wisconsin Department of Justice, the shooting occurred when an officer from the Chetek Police Department pulled over a vehicle around 3:38 p.m.

According to the press release, gunfire was exchanged between the officers and the motorist at some point. The Chetek police officer and an officer from Cameron were pronounced dead at the scene. The motorist was taken to a hospital and later died as well.

The names of the officers and the shooting suspect have not yet been released, and details about the incident are still being investigated. The DOJ has not replied to requests pertaining to the incident.

An examination into the incident is being led by the Division of Criminal Investigation, which will submit a report to the Barron County district attorney when the investigation concludes, the release stated.

According to the Officer Down Memorial Page, a website that tracks deaths in the line of duty across the country, this incident would represent Wisconsin’s second and third officer deaths in the line of duty this year. In 2022 Wisconsin saw zero officers die in the line of duty.

The other officer death in Wisconsin this year took place just two months ago when Milwaukee Police Officer Peter Jerving was shot and killed while seeking to arrest a suspect in Milwaukee.

In that instance gunfire was exchanged by multiple police officers and the fleeing suspect leaving both Jerving and the suspect, Terrell Thompson, deceased.

Community leaders across the state express sadness

In a tweet Sunday morning, Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers expressed his sadness saying, “Our hearts are heavy for the Chetek and Cameron police officers who lost their lives in the line of duty yesterday. Kathy and I are praying for the officers’ families, colleagues, and the Barron County community mourning this tragic loss.”

Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul also addressed the incident on Twitter saying, “I am deeply saddened by the tragic loss today of two officers. I am thinking of their families and the Chetek and Cameron Police Departments at this incredibly difficult time.”

“Our thoughts and prayers are with Cameron and Chetek Police Departments,” the Barron County Sheriff’s Department posted on Facebook.

The Marinette County Deputy Sheriff’s Association also wrote in a Facebook post: “Tonight our hearts are heavy as we send our thoughts and prayers to the Village of Cameron Police Department, the City of Chetek Police Department, the Barron County community, and the families (both blood and blue) of two officers lost in the line of duty today.”

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  1. Just three more murders in the Democrats’ beloved junkies CRIME WAVE of 75+ MURDERS DAILY along with MILLIONS of OTHER DAILY CRIMES… (emphasis mine)

  2. Democrats are not endorsing that every moron in the country carry a gun,

    The responsibility that so many Americans died from gun violence lands squarely on the shoulders of Republicans, the NRA and the poor interpretation of the 2nd Amendment.
    On the ranting from morons above, my reply is simple. There are no evidences about the race or political inclination of the shooters and your ranting is that of angry dissatisfied old idiots. I hope your grandchildren may grow up with a brain not influenced by your prejudices.

    1. your wrong 100% democrats are the problem they let them burn ransack our city’s steal from walmarts thats why a lot are closing and Walgreens all so all over the USA you cant even protect your property and if you do your the problem

    2. Wisconsin is a shithole controlled by corrupt democrats, yes they too steal elections, the 2nd amendment is very clear and if you don’t like it go find a country that doesn’t have one, 2nd amendment supporters don’t need to hear about more gun laws when democrats are the lawless party around, supporting BLM, Antifa and releasing hardcore criminals from prisons is a perfect example, republicans, Christians and conservatives should never give their guns up because democrats have put targets on their backs
      out of hatred for them and America, so go and speak your nonsense to your commie buddies better known as democrats!!

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