Kate Middleton banned Meghan Markle from coronation

Princess Kate reportedly blocked sister-in-law Meghan Markle from attending King Charles’ upcoming coronation, according to royal biographer Tom Bower.

Bower, who authored the best-selling book “Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the War Between the Windsors,” claimed during an interview with GB News that Kate wouldn’t allow Markle to attend the historic event, stating that she “wouldn’t have her there under any circumstances” and would have to sit at the back if she did come.

Bower’s claims come after Buckingham Palace confirmed that Prince Harry would attend the coronation alone on May 6, while Markle would stay in California with the couple’s two children.

Bower added that he believed Markle may have wanted to attend the event, but Kate ultimately prevented her from doing so.

The decision to exclude Markle from the coronation is the latest in a series of tense moments between the two sisters-in-law.

In Harry’s memoir, “Spare,” he alleges that Kate started a passive-aggressive argument with Markle via text four days before his 2018 wedding to Markle, leaving her “sobbing on the floor.”

Markle also subtly shaded Kate in last year’s Netflix docuseries “Harry & Meghan,” claiming that she was wearing “ripped jeans and [was] barefoot” when Kate and Prince William arrived to meet her for the first time.

Kate’s camp later refuted Markle’s claim, stating that she is a “big hugger” who greets everyone warmly.

While Bower’s claims have not been confirmed by Kate or the royal family, they underscore the continuing tensions between Kate and Markle.

According to a royal observer who spoke to the Daily Mail earlier this week, Kate was reportedly “relieved” that Markle would not be attending the coronation, as it would have been uncomfortable for both of them given their public disagreements.

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  1. Kate Middleton should be ashamed of herself. She is just awful! No class at all or she would have surpassed all of this mess by now. Her actions are racist.

  2. Trash does not compete with class. Good for Kate and William sticking to their guns! It’s time that both couples go their separate ways permanently. You will never get royals to look or act like scroungy homeless leftist trash.

    People do try to still have some self respect, manners, courtesy, and integrity, which Meghan and Harry have none! Meghan is the typical gold digging slut that was trying to wiggle her way into getting her way and it failed. Harry is still apparently thinking with the wrong head and will never change now that he has bred with the tramp.

    Also, why are these idiots still being given press coverage. There has to be more out in the world to talk about than Meghan and Harry! South Park pegged them perfectly!

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