Teacher in trouble over “confederate history month”

A teacher at a middle school in Collier County, Florida, is facing backlash from parents after showing a video celebrating “Confederate History Month” to the entire school during morning announcements.

The video aired on Tuesday at Manatee Middle School, according to a district spokesperson. The teacher said, “If you didn’t know, April is an officially celebrated month here in the State of Florida named Confederate History Month,” in the video. The district has not identified the teacher, but they say they are investigating.

“Every year our state celebrates and memorializes that valiant, brave fight and the countless sacrifices by our men and women during that known as the Civil War,” the teacher continued in the video.

However, parents are calling the video pro-Confederate propaganda. One parent, Casey Smith, said, “It was very biased-seeming…The confederacy, as far as I’m concerned, has always been a stain on American history.”

In the video, the teacher suggests a different name for the Civil War. “Civil War, but may be more correctly titled the War To Prevent Southern Independence,” he said.

Smith responded by saying, “No. It is the Civil War. It has always been called the Civil War.”

Parents told NBC2 that they have no problem discussing slavery, the Civil War, or the nation’s darkest days. “Some of this actually sounds very accurate,” Smith said.

The issue they have is with what the teacher made up and put in the video, which they view as an attempt to indoctrinate their children. “They spoke about celebrating the Confederacy in the State of Florida,” Smith said.

Several movements in recent years to celebrate Confederate History Month have failed in Florida, even though the state recognizes April as Confederate History Month. The birthdays of Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis, along with Confederate Memorial Day, are all considered state-legal holidays. Nevertheless, Collier County Public Schools said that the instruction of Confederate History Month is not part of the district’s curriculum.

While the district has not identified the teacher, a spokesperson did say that they are still employed while the school investigates. Parents say they are concerned that their children will not be able to trust the teacher again after viewing the video. Annie O’Donnell, whose children do not attend Manatee Middle School, said, “Doing it accurately, holistically, fully…I would find it difficult to imagine that the students here are going to be able to trust this particular teacher again.”

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    1. the only thing evil is the lack of understanding by the radical racist left wing of the democratic party. That the democratic party is the racist party and they are still that way but will not admit it because the media is controlled by them and wants to take control of the dum Americans that refuse to open their eyes and ears towhat is really going on. Calling Dems “Dems dum and Dummer is the only way you can describe the mind set.

      True American not a communist!!

  1. As is to be expected the teaching of real and accurate history is going to be seen by the “woke” mob as a threat to their efforts to substitute their agenda over the truth.

    The war of 1861 to 1865 was no different than the American Revolution, an effort to cast off the tyranny of a despotic government. The revisionist history of rich slave owners attempting to save their wealth is a lie.

    1.5 million soldiers don’t join in a deadly struggle to retain the slaves of 3% of the population.

    Kudos to the Teacher. Standing up for what is right, even when you are standing alone is an honorable act of bravery.

    1. I agree with you 100%. And I definitely admire this teacher for telling it like it is. It was a war for the independence of the southern states. Unfortunately, my ancestors weren’t able to acquire their independence from Lincoln’s tyrannical govt., but I admire them for trying.

  2. Sadly, people have not learned American History. The top reason for the Civil War was not slavery. It was more about the economic policies and practices, in particular with States rights vs Federal rights. The North wanted to put itself in charge of financial allocation, while the more lucrative South disagreed. Also, it wasn’t until long after the Civil War that most northern states reluctantly released their slaves. And how erroneous to think teachers are teaching American History, but want to skip the entire chapter of the Civil War. All states, and probably especially Southern states, should acknowledge the Confederacy. How ludicrous not to! And teach the whole truth of our country – quit redacting parts and changing parts you don’t agree.

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