Bud Light’s Senior Marketing Executive, Alissa Heinerscheid, has taken a leave of absence following backlash from conservatives over the beer brand’s partnership with transgender influencer, Dylan Mulvaney.

According to sources, Heinerscheid’s position is to be filled by Budweiser global marketing VP Todd Allen. Heinerscheid, who led the brand since June, aimed to change the brand’s “fratty” and “out of touch” advertising style to a more inclusive business model.

However, her participation in a drinking event during her time at Harvard was used against her as critics labeled her a hypocrite.

The controversy surrounding the brand began with their “woke” pro-LGBTQ+ campaign with the TikTok star who documented her gender transition. Critics such as Kid Rock and Fox News host Tucker Carlson called for a boycott of the brand, leading to the sudden departure of Heinerscheid.

The beer company defended its campaign but ultimately apologized to its more conservative customers, emphasizing that their goal is to bring people together over a beer.

The incident highlights the challenges businesses face in navigating cultural and social issues. While some brands may choose to remain neutral on controversial issues to avoid backlash, others may choose to embrace them, knowing that it may result in a negative response from certain segments of their audience.

In Bud Light’s case, the decision to partner with a transgender influencer was a deliberate move to appeal to a more diverse consumer base.

Bud Light’s controversy with its partnership with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney and the sudden departure of Senior Marketing Executive Alissa Heinerscheid highlights the challenges businesses face in navigating cultural and social issues.