Camilla ‘Furious’ at ‘Spineless’ King Charles for this

The royal household is facing internal strife as Queen Camilla expresses her anger and disappointment over King Charles extending an invitation to their son, Prince Harry, for the upcoming coronation.

Amidst a backdrop of mounting scandals and public backlash, Camilla’s frustration with Charles’ decision threatens to strain their relationship further. The controversy surrounding Harry and Meghan has cast a shadow over the monarchy, and the differing opinions within the royal couple exacerbate the already tense atmosphere.

According to a palace courtier, Queen Camilla, 75, erupted in anger after Charles welcomed Prince Harry to what he considers a momentous occasion in his life. Camilla reportedly shares Prince William’s opinion that Harry and Meghan should have been banished from the kingdom, seeing it as a necessary step to protect the monarchy’s reputation. Her belief is that Charles’ decision to invite Harry has weakened their popularity and sent a conflicting message to the public.

Sources close to the couple suggest that Charles, 74, has reached a breaking point in his efforts to please his demanding wife. He is said to find her behavior disruptive and disrespectful, feeling exhausted by the constant questioning of his decisions and attempts to undermine him. The tensions between the couple have even become noticeable among the palace staff, with arguments arising during meals and a general snippiness in their interactions.

Adding fuel to the fire, Camilla has been deeply affected by the allegations made by Prince Harry in his memoir, Spare. Harry accused Camilla of leaking stories to the press to enhance her image, leading to complex and strained feelings between them. Camilla is incredulous that, despite Harry’s damaging revelations in the book, Charles extended an invitation to both Harry and Meghan for the coronation. While she may have been relieved that Meghan chose not to attend, the sting of the situation remains.

Camilla’s relationship with Harry has long been complicated, stretching back to the time of Princess Diana. Unlike William, who has reportedly accepted Camilla, Harry continues to harbor resentment towards her. Camilla views Harry’s actions as a continued defamation of her character, making forgiveness seemingly impossible. As a result, difficult days lie ahead in the royal household as the couple engages in ongoing sparring matches.

The royal household finds itself embroiled in internal turmoil as Queen Camilla and King Charles clash over Prince Harry’s invitation to the coronation. Camilla’s outrage stems from her belief that Harry and Meghan should have been excluded to safeguard the monarchy’s reputation. Charles, feeling the strain of trying to please his wife, faces mounting frustrations. As tensions persist within the royal couple, their constant clashes could create further challenges in the days ahead. The public watches with keen interest, hoping for resolution and unity within the monarchy.

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  1. “Queen Camilla expresses her anger and disappointment over King Charles extending an invitation to their son, Prince Harry…” I’m sorry, “their” son? She is not, nor ever was, his mother, and even in a step-mother role, she can hardly claim to include herself in the parenting aspect, especially in light of their poor relationship right from the start. She needs to get over herself and start acting like a queen, since getting herself crowned may have been the main motivation for her relationship with Charles all along. I could be wrong about that one, but her reported demanding, nagging, entitled, and egotistical behavior seems to confirm the idea.

    1. She should NEVER have been made Queen, Charles needs to get rid of her NOW , she is terrible!!!


  3. I agree with Camilla as she is looking at teh respect form the pubic adn teh coutnry. Harry and Mehgan should have been cut off (by hier own request jto be free from the Royals) and they should hae been cut off COMPLETELY at that request of his and Maghans’s WHy shoudl tehy be albe to USE those titles when tehy wnted out – you cannot have one foot in for your own benefit and one foot out for you freedom at teh same time. It’s either one or the other. They need to be totally cut off ! Period ! They have been a disgrace to teh Royal family form day one ! Charles is the one who is causing all this friction ! He is not very decisive as a King – and he NEEDS to be !

  4. If Charles feels that way about Carmella why did he make her Queen disregarding his mother’s request that he do not do so. Harry is not her son, never was and never will be. I hear he has another book coming out about how he really feels about his step-mother. That ought to be interesting.

  5. I wish we coudl SEE what we re typing here. WE can’t tell if what we are typing is what is going up. Why can’t we see what we are typing ? Can’t even correct spelling mistakes sicne we can’t see anything as we type.

  6. I think the message that would send is that the parent is the parent – no matter the age of the child. That “Title” comes with unconditional love and any adult that would see that as an act of weakness has a problem with her/his attitude!

  7. I agree with Charles. It was right to include HIS son Harry. This was a monumental moment for Charles. I was very glad to see Harry attend the ceremony. I also understand he left for his son’s birthday. Good job to both men!

  8. I’m disappointed that Charles disregarded Queen Elizabeth’s request to not make her Queen. He could have made her queen consort. I’m glad that Harry attended the coronation but I’m sick of him and Meghan whining about their situation, he needs to stop writing these books which are just making the gap between them all huge.

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