Whoopi Goldberg bans ‘Fartgate’ on ‘The View’

Whoopi Goldberg, renowned actress, comedian, and host of “The View,” has made it clear that she is ready to put the fart incident behind her. During a recent episode of the popular daytime talk show, Goldberg addressed the incident head-on, asserting that there was never an issue to begin with.

“Before we get started, I want to put something to bed with the two of you [Sunny Hostin and Andy Cohen],” Goldberg stated. “A sound was made on the table, and that’s what it was. We don’t need to bring it up ever again, anywhere. OK? We’re good?”

The incident in question occurred on March 15 during a live broadcast of “The View.” Allegedly, Goldberg emitted a flatulent sound, causing her co-hosts and the audience to burst into laughter. Goldberg immediately owned up to the act, declaring, “That was gas,” which only added to the amusement in the studio.

However, even after Goldberg’s confession, doubts lingered among some viewers as to whether she was truly responsible for the noise. These doubts were further fueled when Andy Cohen, host of “Watch What Happens Live,” questioned Sunny Hostin, another co-host of “The View,” about the individual who passes gas the most on set. Hostin wasted no time in responding, “Whoopi!”

Goldberg was evidently taken aback by Hostin’s comment and confronted her about it. Hostin explained on SiriusXM’s “Andy Cohen Live” that Goldberg asked her, “Why did you tell everybody I fart all the time?” Hostin clarified that she made the comment because Goldberg frequently jokes about farting on the show, and being seated across the table, she is unable to smell anything. Despite the initial surprise, Goldberg and Hostin remain close, and Goldberg eventually came to terms with the situation.

Andy Cohen, recognizing the unintended consequence of his question, apologized to Hostin for inadvertently causing tension between her and Goldberg. It was an incident that quickly snowballed into a much-discussed topic both on and off the show.

Interestingly, this is not the first time flatulence has made its presence known on “The View.” On the March 21 episode, co-host Sara Haines encountered a similar issue when her mug made an odd sound. When Goldberg inquired about the noise, Haines clarified that it was just her glass making the sound each time she turned it. Goldberg then highlighted the unfairness of being blamed for such noises, suggesting that the co-hosts often take the fall for innocent sounds emanating from objects like cups. Consequently, coasters were added to the table to prevent the blame from falling on the hosts for unknown noises.

With these recent incidents in mind, it is safe to say that “The View” has experienced its fair share of gas-related mishaps. Nonetheless, Goldberg’s proclamation that “there was never an issue” serves as a firm statement that she is ready to move on and focus on the show’s purpose—providing insightful discussions on current events and engaging with the audience.

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