Marine In Custody Over Jordan Neely Death

Daniel Penny, a former Marine, turned himself in to the 5th Precinct in Lower Manhattan, facing a second-degree manslaughter charge for his involvement in a fatal chokehold incident that resulted in the death of homeless man Jordan Neely. After 11 days of public outcry and demands for justice, Penny surrendered voluntarily as the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office announced their decision to pursue charges against him. As the case unfolds, tensions remain high in the city, highlighting the need for accountability and addressing mental health issues within the criminal justice system.

The Surrender and Legal Proceedings

Daniel Penny, 24, arrived at the precinct in a black SUV, dressed in a dark suit and black sneakers. He did not speak or answer any questions from the media as he entered the precinct. Penny’s lawyer, Thomas Kenniff, confirmed that his client surrendered voluntarily and with dignity, emphasizing Penny’s history of service to the nation as a Marine. Kenniff expects Penny to be arraigned later in the day, while the manslaughter charge carries a potential sentence of up to 15 years in prison.

Pressure on the District Attorney’s Office

The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office faced significant pressure to pursue charges against Penny as the investigation progressed. Legal experts anticipated the case being presented to a grand jury to determine charges. However, the District Attorney’s decision to directly charge Penny with second-degree manslaughter indicates a proactive approach in response to public demands for accountability. The medical examiner’s ruling of Neely’s death as a homicide due to neck compression further supported the decision to press charges.

Conflicting Narratives and Calls for Justice

Penny’s lawyers, Steven Raiser and Thomas Kenniff, maintain that their client did not intend to harm Neely and stepped in to protect himself and other passengers. They expressed confidence in Penny’s eventual exoneration once all the facts are revealed. However, Neely’s uncle, Christopher Neely, called for Penny to face murder charges, underscoring the family’s desire for justice. The Neely family and their legal representatives planned to hold a press conference to address the developments.

The Background and Tragic Incident

Jordan Neely, a former street performer, had a history of mental health struggles and a criminal record with numerous arrests. On May 1, Neely engaged in an aggressive rant before encountering Penny. Shocking video footage captured a portion of the fatal chokehold, leading to Neely losing consciousness and ultimately passing away at the hospital. The incident has sparked discussions about the intersection of mental health, policing, and the criminal justice system.

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  1. And that is why conservatives are furious about apparent rampant crime and our lack of fairness in dealing with it
    If the guy was a nuisance, it had an extensive criminal record and was aggressive toward other riders in the subway, he needed to be restrained. That he died in the process was probably an unfortunate accident , BUT in no way should land this ex-marine in a costly legal process.
    I rather we spend our resources going after crime and gangs that affect the rest of us. If the family of Neely is so upset, they should have supported him in his plight BEFORE he became a public nuisance and threat. I am sure Sharpton and Crumb will be showing up in the scene to stir up the pot.

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