Megyn Kelly challenges Charlize Theron

New York Post – Former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly has taken aim at Hollywood actress Charlize Theron, who portrayed Kelly in the film “Bombshell,” after Theron made controversial statements defending drag queens performing for children. In a viral clip from the “Drag Isn’t Dangerous” telethon, Theron proclaimed, “I will f–k anybody up who is, like, trying to f–k with anything with drag queens.”

Kelly responded to Theron’s comments during an episode of her SiriusXM podcast, “The Megyn Kelly Show,” stating, “Okay, so why doesn’t Charlize Theron come and f–k me up? Because I’m 100% against her on this.” Kelly acknowledged the peculiar connection she feels towards Theron due to her portrayal of Kelly in the movie. She also referenced Theron’s adopted daughter, Jackson, who transitioned from male to female.

Kelly criticized Theron for not speaking out against the “grooming of young children” in relation to drag queen performances. While acknowledging that there are fun drag shows for adults, Kelly expressed concern about the disturbing drag shows that take place in front of young children. She urged Theron to understand the potential consequences of supporting such events, including the sexualization and grooming of young children.

The proposed laws in GOP-run states that aim to ban public drag shows were also mentioned by Theron during the telethon. However, Kelly argued that introducing sexual behavior and references in front of young children normalizes such behavior and can potentially lead them down a troubling path. She concluded her segment by emphasizing that the issue is a problem that even Theron should be against.

The New York Post has reached out to Theron’s representatives for comment. Theron, during the telethon, called for support of organizations working to counter “incredibly stupid policies” and promote love and acceptance, claiming that drag queens inspire happiness, love, and a better understanding of one another.

In recent weeks, lawmakers in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Montana have proposed legislation to restrict public drag performances. The debate surrounding drag shows for children continues to spark controversy, with differing opinions on the potential impact and appropriateness of such performances at young ages.

Sources: New York Post

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  1. Much ado about nothing.
    There is a definitely problem about too many kids been unhappy with who they are and wanting to change genders, BUT drag shows have very little to do with this.
    Anybody who remember WWII movies should also remember the many instances men dressed like women putting shows and nobody ever questioned their manhood.

    Maybe instead, we should be looking at the additives that food companies are adding to their products to improve taste OR shelf life and maybe we can find the reason for so much increase in gender dysphoria as well as increases in cases of autism and other mental problems.

  2. I have seen so-called “drag shows” segments on TV with children present, and they were doing definite sexual moves as part of their “performance”! it was disgusting. Children should not be exposed to this sort of aberrant thinking at all. What they do as adults with no force involved is their business, but it is the business of adults and most of all parents to protect children’s innocence and allow them to grow up naturally.

  3. No such thing as grooming unless you count religion. YOU CAN’T GROOM ANYONE TO BE GAY- IT’S NOT A CHOICE AND YOUR SURROUNDINGS CAN’T CHANGE THAT. Not all Gays want to do drag, I for one, it doesn’t appeal to me and I’ve known a few Drags in my life. We need to stop worrying about Drag Queens and concentrate on gun reform, Drag Queens are protective of children – Republicans not so much.

  4. I’m not much on Cheerleaders but, I do recall seeing some provocative moves and kids eat it up. But, I guess that’s okay because it’s Hetero? Much to do about nothing, you don’t want your kids at drag shows don’t take them…

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