Students Protest Biden During Commencement Speech

Express – Students at Howard University took a stand during President Joe Biden’s commencement speech on Saturday, expressing their discontent and alleging that he doesn’t “care about black people.” The protest unfolded as some attendees held signs conveying their dissatisfaction with the president’s track record on issues affecting the black community.

Photographs captured several individuals turning their backs on President Biden as he delivered his speech to thousands of students at the prestigious Washington university. One sign prominently read, “Biden and Harris don’t care about black people,” while another highlighted the recent tragic death of Jordan Neely, a black homeless man who was fatally attacked while riding the New York subway earlier this month.

According to Jasper Smith, the editor-in-chief of the university student paper, fourteen students stood facing away from the President during his speech. Additionally, a student held a sign that demanded action, stating, “Stand up and fight back. Black people are under attack.”

Meanwhile, a graduating student held up a sign drawing attention to the death of Jordan Neely, with the powerful message, “A black child was lynched yesterday. Jordan Neely.”

The incident involving Jordan Neely unfolded on May 1 when a struggle between him and another passenger, Daniel Penny, resulted in his death. Witnesses reported that Mr. Neely had been asking for money and engaging in verbal altercations with other passengers. The confrontation led to Mr. Penny restraining Mr. Neely in a chokehold, resulting in his tragic demise. Daniel Penny has been charged with manslaughter and may face up to 15 years in prison if convicted.

President Biden, the seventh sitting US president to deliver the keynote address at Howard University’s commencement convocation, has faced criticism from some younger black voters who exhibit less enthusiasm compared to older age groups. Black voters were a crucial constituency that propelled Biden into the White House in 2020. To engage young black voters, the Democratic National Committee has invested in initiatives such as expanding voter registration and hiring campus organizers in battleground states.

During the university’s 155th commencement convocation, President Biden was honored with an honorary doctorate. As a former student of the University of Delaware and Syracuse University College of Law, Biden shares an alma mater connection with Vice President Kamala Harris, who is an alumna of Howard University.

University President Wayne A. I. Frederick expressed excitement over hosting President Biden and acknowledged his efforts to uplift historically marginalized communities. He stated, “We are excited to receive the President as this year’s distinguished guest and recognize him for his relentless work uplifting our communities that have been historically left behind. I look forward to honoring President Biden, our honorary degree recipients, and graduating seniors at the Commencement Convocation.”

The student protest at Howard University highlights the complexities and differing perspectives within the black community regarding President Biden’s policies and actions. It also emphasizes the ongoing importance of engaging young voters and addressing their concerns to foster a more inclusive and representative democracy.

Sources: Express

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  1. I am glad they took A stand to him he is the worst president he should not even be called president …. he is the worst man holding this position I will be glad when he is GONE and we get America back to where it was come on Trump

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